Salesforce Serves Up New Report On How Canadian Shoppers Browse And Buy

Today, Salesforce Research released its third edition of the Connected Shoppers Report, exploring today’s evolving shopper expectations, preferences and channels that brands and retailers must cater to.

It is no surprise that retail is transforming, however the transformation can no longer be boiled down to stores vs. eCommerce. This latest study shows that even in a retail landscape where ecommerce is a rising star, physical stores remain critical and brands are expanding their reach to meet shoppers wherever they are. With the upcoming holiday shopping season, and looking to 2020, understanding how shoppers navigate the crowded retail landscape will be the key to winning customer loyalty and sales.

Key Canadian highlights from the report include:

  • Retailers, brands and online marketplaces are battling for wallet share:
    • 81% of consumers buy from a combination of retailers, brands and online marketplaces
    • 40% of repeat purchases are made at physical stores
  • Shopping is evolving as consumers define new terms of engagement:
    • 49% of consumers shop with a specific brand in mind
    • The number one trait of a shoppers’ favorite brand is offering exclusive shopping experiences/promotions
  • Shopper journeys are moving to the edge:
    • 17% of shoppers buy products with a mobile wallet
    • On average, consumers have 2 shopping apps on their mobile devices
  • Stores remain critical for discovery, experience and fulfillment:
    • 52% of shoppers have purchased a product online for in-store pickup
    • The number one reason consumers shop in-store is to get merchandise immediately, followed by the ability to touch and feel merchandise
  • SPOTLIGHT: 2019 holiday shopping:
    • 47% of shoppers plan to buy more from online marketplaces this holiday season
    • The number one factor influencing holiday purchases this season is what’s available in physical stores

You can read the full report here.

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