Hisense Canada Is Expanding its Retail Footprint

One of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of televisions is making an aggressive push into the Canadian market.

Globally, Hisense is celebrating 50 years in business, and it has been quite the half century for the Chinese company. It is the top selling TV brand in its home country, and in the Top 5 worldwide. But Hisense has only been in Canada for seven years, and is now making headway in an aggressive retail space, adding 2some of its television lines to Best Buy and Amazon.ca in recent weeks, and into Walmart Canada by mid-month.

Hisense is a global leader in innovation, and has been part of the consortium developing Quantum Dot technology for TV. This latest innovation offers a spectrum of more than a billion colours with sharp contrasts and a screen that can be up to 100 times brighter than a typical TV.

At Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart look for:

  • H8 Series — Boasting Hisense’s proprietary ULED technology and Hi-View chipset, the H8 TVs are redefining colour, contrast, brightness and smooth motion. The Wide Colour Gamut offers more than a billion colours with up to 60 local dimming zones to amplify the colour accuracy and contrast range. Motion Rate technology minimizes blurring during fast-moving sequences and it has up to 700 nits peak brightness, ensuring it looks great even in a bright room. It is powered by Android TV with Google Assistant, meaning you can connect it to your smart home through Alexa or Google Home and stream more than a half-million movies and TV shows.
  • Q Series — The Q series — available in 55-inch and 65-inch screens — are 4K ULED Quantum Dot sets equipped with Android TV. Local dimming makes it easy to watch from almost any angle, and the colour, contrast and brightness is supported by Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range. It also has Motion Rate technology to minimize lag during fast-moving sequences — perfect for taking in a high-speed chase or action on the ice. The result is a brilliant picture with oceans that sparkle bluer, fiery reds burning hotter and grass that is always greener. The Android TV has Google Assistant built in, allowing seamless networking with your Google Home and voice-activated commands, It also means access to more than 500,000 movies and TV shows through streaming services like Netflix, Google Play, YouTube and Amazon Prime.

For more information, please visit hisense-canada.com.

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