A Smaller Footprint Can Mean Bigger Business: OVHcloud

Since today is World Energy Day, OVHcloud wants to remind businesses of the importance of decreasing energy use. It’s easy for businesses to overlook whether completing effective work is necessarily energy-efficient work, and we want to help change that.

OVHcloud is an exemplified leader in Green IT – with 30 data centres around the globe run at 98% without the use of air conditioning – thanks to ground-breaking water-cooling technology and advanced design on its servers.

Within their report, Industrialization of the Data Centre, OVHcloud highlights the ways in which data centers can effectively and sustainably get the job done:

  • Utilize unorthodox means of cooling to help the environment OVHcloud has used liquid cooling in OVHcloud data centres for the past 15 years and is now using it to cool 380,000 commoditized servers. OVHcloud’s DC location, south of Montréal, is stationed near a hydroelectric plant, sustaining clean and renewable energy consumption.
  • Use autonomous monitoring and control By moving from centralized cooling, centralized power, and centralized distribution to granular control at the rack level, you’re able to control levels of reliability, density and power consumption, eliminating overprovisioning and minimizing unnecessary energy use by controlling the behaviour.
  • Operate in stages, keeping power density in mind and operational levels low One of the main issues in data centers is power density – the more equipment there is in a given space, the hotter it gets. By keeping in mind, the longevity of equipment – moving on from simply switching servers “on and off”, and operating in stages, reduces cost and increases ROI.


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