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Infographic: Personal data – to share or not to share?

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Source: OVH

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Infographic: OVH Barometer On The Smart Society

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Source: OVH

Infographic: OVH’s Barometer on the Digital Society

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OVH today released the first set of findings from its OVH’s Barometer on the Digital Society. The barometer polled 2,000 residents of both Ontario and Quebec (1,000 in each province) for their thoughts and feedback on the current state of the education system and how it can be improved by using digital technology.

OVH_infographic_Barometer on Smart Society_EDUCATION_ON


OVH launches VPS 2016

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OVH has launched SSD and Cloud VPS, two new ranges of virtual private servers which push the standards. Showing performance of up to three times superior of that of previous ranges, VPS 2016 offers guaranteed bandwidth along with protection against DDoS attacks, assuring security and high availability for all uses.

The VPS offers professionals a dynamic platform, capable of increasing power which they can fully administer (root access). This is the progressive transition between the self-control of a dedicated server and the flexibility offered by virtualization which is becoming an indispensable product on the hosting market.

With this new VPS, SSD disks are now an integral part of the OVH offer. Providing reduced latency and access times, VPS SSD shows improved performance of between 57% and 198% in comparison to the previous VPS Classic range.

Three configurations are possible, offering from 2 to 8 GB of RAM and from 10 to 40 GB of SSD capacity, all of which meet the growing needs of professionals in terms of storage. The offer provides customers the benefits of unlimited reinstallations of their virtual machine and the ability to reboot. VPS SSD is ideal for testing, hosting applications or monitoring.

VPS Cloud
The VPS Cloud range also offers the choice of three configuration. Offers start with 1 vCore, 2 GB RAM and 25 GB of storage and go up to 4 vCores, 8 GB of RAM and 100 GB of storage.

Bandwidth is guaranteed at 100 Mbps, while NVMe Ceph disks make up a good portion of high available storage, without compromising scalability or fault tolerance.

VPS Cloud permits multi-protocol backups and offers snapshot services, while OVH provides an SLA of 99.99%, guaranteeing service stability. The VPS Cloud offer meets the business needs of e-tailers, freelancers and web agencies.

Integrated services make the difference
Each of the VPS 2016 ranges have several services in common, notably: anti-DDoS protection, management via OpenStack KVM, load distribution with Load Balancing IP, access to the OVH API, and simplified management. Soon they will benefit from improvements including: IP failover to ensure business continuity and IP geo localization to optimize local search.

To discover VPS 2016, visit

OVH Welcomes A Canadian As Its 1000th Employee

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OVH announced that it now has 1,000 employees amongst its 16 subsidiaries throughout the world. To maintain its R&D strategy and support its customers, OVH is pursuing an active recruitment policy. More than 150 new employees have already joined the group since January and more than 100 more are expected for the second quarter.

To give you an idea of how fast they’ve grown, here’s a snapshot of their employee count:

  • One in 1999
  • Ten in 2000
  • Five hundred in 2012
  • Today – one thousand

OVH is proud to welcome a Canadian as its 1000th employee and a Frenchman as its 1001st, a real image of its international development on both sides of the Atlantic.

To support their growth, the group continues to reinforce its technical teams.

  • Candidates for developer positions must be masters of different languages, like Python, Angular, Node JS, C, C++, Java or Go.
  • Candidates for devops and system administrators, for their part, must have an excellent knowledge of the Linux environment, OpenStack and Docker platforms and the open source technologies of big data, storage, and especially data bases.

These positions are going to continue the development of the teams already in place internationally and in France.

OVH is also recruiting for its customer relations and support teams, seeking to fill technical and commercial consultant positions. To become familiar with the entire product and service lines marketed by OVH as well as its daily operation procedures, new recruits will undergo several weeks of training at the group’s Training Center. To recruit 300 people, OVH counts on the scale of its projects, its resourcefulness and its international ambitions. In April, the company reinforced its position in Canada with a 32.9 million dollar investment which will allow the creation of 150 jobs in Quebec over the next 2 years.

Furthermore, the group is taking more action in the direction of candidates, such as with the creation of a new website, OVH Careers, dedicated to recruitment where potential candidates can discover information regarding career opportunities.

OVH and VMware Sign New Agreement

Posted in Commentary with tags on June 29, 2015 by itnerd, today announced that they have signed a new agreement with VMware in relation to its vCloud Air Network program. This agreement confirms the desire of the two groups to work more closely together. Common strategies will be adopted in co-innovation and co-marketing.

OVH is already a VMware Hybrid Cloud Powered Service Provider partner and this new partnership offers the possibility for 500,000 VMware customers to seamlessly move to OVH’s Dedicated Cloud, which is based on vSphere and vCloud Director technologies. With Dedicated Cloud, professionals benefit from a dedicated infrastructure that is managed by OVH which allows them to concentrate more on their business.

Partners since the launch of Dedicated Cloud in 2010, OVH and VMware have maintained close relations, giving rise to such a novel concepts as “OVH Academy”, technical training sessions adapted to customers’ needs. This agreement marks a new step in this alliance. To date, very few companies worldwide have signed a similar agreement with VMware.

The OVH World Tour Comes To Toronto On April 23rd

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On April 23 at Toronto’s Cathedral Center, the leader of digital as a service is coming to meet with its customers and anyone that has a passion for innovation who wants to take a step ahead.

The program: keynote, technical workshops, sharing of experiences and networking for a dive into the heart of the OVH galaxy and its advanced technologies for cloud and dedicated infrastructures. An event not to be missed that will show how, in the context of the digital transformation, OVH innovation brings new opportunities and solutions to professionals.

3 themes will be featured and illustrated by three technologies “made in OVH”:

  1.  How to build your virtual datacenter using  vRack, a technology that allows to connect all its infrastructure in a fully redundant private network.
  2. How to move from dedicated server to the Cloud with RunAbove, a unique service on the market, a result of years of research and close collaboration with leaders in virtualization.
  3. Confronting the challenges of Internet of Things (IoT) through OVH Cloud solutions.

Here are some reasons why this event is not to be missed :

  • Imagine the future of “Digital as a Service”. Disruptive, pioneer, under constant innovation, OVH invents the technologies of tomorrow. Be at the forefront to discover first hand.
  • Discover OVH. This is the ideal opportunity to examine the DNA, philosophy, and ambitions of the European leader of Digital as a Service. The keynote will provide a rare glimpse into the OVH galaxy, its 17 datacenters, its 200,000 servers and its independent network of 32 PoPs with a capacity of 3.5 Tbps. This is also the occasion to discover the offers and services that all customer’s needs.
  • Rediscover OVH. This is the occasion for clients to meet OVH experts in a convivial atmosphere, receive free analysis of their infrastructure and discover how to strengthen and adapt it to their new projects.
  • Test the latest OVH products (dedicated cloud, hybrid, VPS, dedicated server, storage and more), at no cost to you, using vouchers which will be handed out all evening.
  • Share feedback. Constantly changing and listening to its customers, OVH adjusts its services to offer the best cloud and dedicated infrastructure.

FInd the complete list of the 10 reasons to attend the OVH World Tour here.

An international event dedicated to innovation, last year the OVH World Tour brought together during its first edition, more than 4,000 people over its 20 scheduled dates in Europe and North America. This year, it promises to reshuffle the cards through the unique vision of OVH, cloud specialist and European leader in internet infrastructure.
After a thunderous start in Europe, where it gathered together more than 400 people in Lille (France), the OVH World Tour kicks off its new North American season. It has a revamped format (“meet-up”), richer, more compact, and more interactive, it will be stopping in Toronto on April 23.

Centered around OVH experts from each of its areas of excellence, this half-day aims to bring together a community of users that continues to grow in North America, delivering “on site” advice and solutions to optimize their infrastructure and to provide specialized expertise on issues differentiating the cloud and dedicated universes.

After Toronto, the OVH World Tour will stop in New York (May 14), Boston (August 17), then Ottawa, Washington, Montreal an Quebec city by the end of the year.

Learn more about the World Tour here and click here to register.