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OVHcloud Launches Second Generation Bare Metal Scale Servers

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OVHcloud, the European cloud leader, today announced the launch of its second generation of dedicated Bare Metal Scale servers. Hot on the heels of the critically-acclaimed first Scale line-up launched in 2021, this new generation of high-performance dedicated servers brings even more compute power.

Addressing verticals such as healthcare, finance, industry, public sectors and media, the new generation of Scale Bare Metal servers uses powerful processors from AMD and NVIDIA to answer customers’ most intensive use cases such as confidential computing, big data, analytics as well as virtualization and container orchestration or grid computing.

Modern CPU for Integrity, Compute Power for Big Data and Analytics

In a world where data is at the center of every modern business, customers need robust platforms where they can process their sensitive data. The new OVHcloud Bare Metal second-generation Scale servers benefit from AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) found in the fourth generation of AMD EPYC processors to allow for strengthening VM isolation.

Offering high-performance and scalable Bare Metal servers, OVHcloud can take advantage of the high core count of AMD EPYC processors, in single- or dual-socket configurations. This allows the hardware to deliver tremendous compute power so customers can process and analyze large sets of data, in real time. Customers can gain insights from their data, facilitating decision-making. Not only can customers process, treat and harness data in a snap, they can also store large amounts of data with up to 46 TB of NVMe storage.

Best-of-Breed CPU, DDR5 and Large IO

Leveraging AMD’s most advanced Zen 4 CPU architecture, the second generation of Scale servers boasts fourth-generation EPYC processors, code named Genoa. The range starts with AMD EPYC 16 cores / 32 threads and scales to 96 cores / 192 threads in a single-socket configuration (SCALE-a1 to SCALE-a6). 

The second-generation Scale line-up is offered in a dual socket configuration with core counts all the way up to 256 cores and 512 threads, leveraging fourth-generation AMD EPYC processors, code named Genoa and Bergamo, with the latter featuring Zen 4C cores. SCALE-a7 offers a total of 192 cores / 384 threads (2P AMD EPYC 9654 code named Genoa) and the SCALE-a8 variant comes with 256 cores / 512 threads (2P AMD EPYC 9754 code named Bergamo). 

Available for the first time at OVHcloud with DDR5 memory configuration ranging from 128 GB to 1 TB (4800 MHz), new Scale references can benefit from generous storage options – from the included 2 x 960 GB NVMe up to 6 x 7,68 TB SSD NVMe.

NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU for Machine Learning

Alongside new second-generation Scale CPU-based references, OVHcloud is also introducing SCALE-GPU dedicated servers leveraging the NVIDIA L4 GPU for data centers.

Based on the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU architecture, the NVIDIA L4 is a universal GPU for efficient video, AI and graphics-intensive workloads. The hardware is optimized for use cases like machine learning with image classification, natural language processing, object detection and VDI.

Unmetered Guaranteed Bandwidth with up to 25 Gbps Private Network

OVHcloud’s new second-generation Bare Metal Scale benefits from all the advantages of dedicated servers when it comes to flexibility, control, performance, or availability as well as 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps guaranteed and unmetered public bandwidth and up to 25 Gbps of unmetered private bandwidth. Through this offering, OVHcloud also provides companies with the best possible support for their workloads, environments, and ad-hoc technologies, while guaranteeing predictable pricing.

Data Protection and Sustainability

Second generation Scale Bare Metal servers also benefit from OVHcloud’s well-known expertise in infrastructure, offering a trusted cloud in environmentally friendly data centers. With the highest security and data protection standards in the form of ISO 27001 certification and HDS, data is immune to extra-territorial laws. OVHcloud data centers take advantage of the company’s unique industrial model with a water-cooling system that contributes in a sustainable cloud allowing to reach best-in-class PUE/WUE indexes (see more data here).


Bare Metal SCALE-a1 (16c/32t), SCALE-a2 (24c/48t), SCALE-a3 (32c/64t), SCALE-a4 (48c/96t), SCALE-a5 (64c/128t) and SCALE-a6 (96c/192t) are available for order now, in our datacenters located in Canada, France, Germany, Poland, UK and USA. Roll-out in the APAC region is planned from December to March. Bare Metal SCALE-a7 (192c/384t) and SCALE-a8 (256c/512t) are available now as build-to-order references. SCALE-GPU with NVIDIA L4 GPUs are planned for early December availability. 

OVHcloud Is About To Roll Out Identity And Access Management

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 OVHcloud today announced its latest security defining feature with advanced Identity and Access Management (IAM) is set to be available for all customers at no extra cost on October 25th.

OVHcloud Identity and Access Management is part of the Group’s ongoing product roadmap and commitment to continuous innovation. Accessible through a centralized user interface directly within OVHcloud control panel, as well as from the OVHcloud API, the feature allows granular control of an organization’s security privileges and provides total control over who can access digital resources. Available for Public Cloud, Hosted Private Cloud and Webcloud universes, including dedicated hosting, OVHcloud IAM helps to improve security, thwarting malicious attacks, supports enhanced compliance and productivity for IT teams and delivers a higher level of performance for users’ login.

With Identity Federation, OVHcloud IAM allows for customers to connect to the corporate directory of their choice (via SSO). With a fine-grained policy management that spans through the complete OVHcloud product portfolio, it’s easier than ever to create user groups, define the minimum set of authorizations granted by default and leverage OAuth2 tokens within IAM policies or authentication through OVHcloud API. OVHcloud Terraform provider also now includes IAM actions so IT teams can fully automate their OVHcloud deployments. Capabilities such as audit and logs help organizations keep tabs of access to help comply with regulations and standards related to data privacy and security.

An IAM to control them all on a secure and sustainable offer 

Offering a state-of-the-art Identity and Access Management, OVHcloud aims at answering IT organization needs for fine grained access policy management and identity federation on a trusted Cloud. The new OVHcloud IAM is totally integrated with other OVHcloud services and available for all solutions in the product portfolio.

OVHcloud has a well-known expertise in infrastructure, offering a trusted Cloud in environmentally friendly datacenters. Furthermore, OVHcloud datacenters take advantage of a unique industrial model with a bespoke watercooling system that contributes to a truly sustainable Cloud, allowing customers to reach best-in-class PUE/WUE indexes (see more here).


OVHcloud Identity and Access Management, currently available in Beta, will roll out globally for free to all customers on October 25th.

OVHcloud Adds Cutting-edge GPUs Helping Organisations to Power AI’s Most Demanding Workloads

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OVHcloud, the European Cloud leader and a part of the NVIDIA Partner Network continues to develop its portfolio of AI solutions, today adding new NVIDIA GPU product offerings that form an integral part of its strategic vision for artificial intelligence. Acknowledging the tremendous impact AI will have in the years to come, OVHcloud is on a mission to help customers grow their businesses, uniting an ecosystem through innovative, easy and affordable AI solutions, featuring transparent, ethical and open models that preserve data privacy.

With over 20 years of expertise in infrastructure, through a unique vertically integrated industrial model, OVHcloud is designing AI-enabled infrastructures, which include new best-of-breed NVIDIA H100 and A100 Tensor Core GPUs. Customers will be able to choose from many options to power their most ambitious machine learning workloads, including large language models.

Adding to critically acclaimed options already offered at a competitive price with older generation NVIDIA V100 and NVIDIA V100S GPUs, the Group today announced new offerings based on the following GPUs: NVIDIA H100, NVIDIA A100, NVIDIA L40S and NVIDIA L4, with effective deployment ramping up in the coming weeks.

New GPU instances with NVIDIA A100 for deep learning training and inference 

New NVIDIA A100 80GB powered GPU instances are immediately available and let AI specialists run complex projects on highly specialized NVIDIA Tensor Cores. With exceptional abilities in deep learning training, A100 is also ideally suited to run inference thanks to various optimizations in tackling those workloads, including LLM-related projects. High-performance computing is another playing field where the A100 GPU instances help unlock the next-generation of discoveries, through advanced simulations, thanks to double-precision compute and high-bandwidth memory.

A100-based public cloud instances can be configured as A100-180 with 1x A100, 15 vCore and 180GB of RAM, A100-360 with 2x A100, 30 vCore and 360GB of RAM and A100-720 with 4x A100, 60 vCore and 720GB of RAM.

New GPU instances with NVIDIA H100 for deep learning training

OVHcloud is also announcing upcoming H100-based GPU instances built around NVIDIA’s latest accelerator with a compute power starting at 26 petaFLOPS (FP64) per PCIe GPU. Purpose-built for the most demanding AI models, the NVIDIA H100 is the de facto choice for innovation in AI, whether accelerating LLMs with its Transformer Engine, or creating generative AI applications.

For the most demanding use cases, such as extreme fine-tuning and training, the Group will offer NVIDIA H100 SXM-based solutions. With 67 TFlops of FP64 compute power and a higher GPU bandwidth, this select offering will showcase the full power of the NVIDIA Hopper GPU architecture. 

New GPU instances and bare-metal servers with NVIDIA L4 and L40S

The Group also today unveiled GPU instances featuring NVIDIA L4 GPUs with 24GB of memory. The L4, based on the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU architecture, is a universal GPU for every workload with enhanced AI and video capabilities. It provides efficient compute resources for graphics, simulation, data science and data analytics.

The NVIDIA L40S GPU with 48GB of memory is also joining the Group’s GPU instances. NVIDIA L40S benefits from fourth-generation Tensor Cores and FP8 Transformer Engine providing robust performance for AI workloads both in training and inferencing.

These GPUs will be available through public cloud instances as well as in dedicated bare-metal servers with L4 in SCALE-GPU and L40S in HGR-AI.

Establishing a foundation to supercharge customer AI journeys

Thanks to an unprecedented choice of NVIDIA GPU architectures, OVHcloud now delivers an AI-designed infrastructure for AI engineers, researchers, data scientists and data practitioners that can leverage the elasticity of the cloud to support their needs from training to running inference.

Furthermore, OVHcloud will gradually add NVIDIA H100 and A100 options to its set of comprehensive AI PaaS solutions designed to accompany the data life cycle: AI Notebooks, AI Training and AI Deploy. OVHcloud AI solutions act as a complete set of tools that are easy to use, and designed to explore data, train models and serve them into production.

Executing on a strong dedicated AI roadmap, OVHcloud is set to announce in the weeks to come a wave of AI innovations designed to further help its customers in navigating this new paradigm.

Pricing & availability

GPU instances based on NVIDIA A100 are available now on public cloud starting at 2,75 EUR per hour for A100-180, 5,50 EUR per hour for A100-360 and 11 EUR per hour for A100-720. Managed AI solutions based on A100 will be available later at 3 EUR per hour. NVIDIA H100 PCIe-based instances in the public cloud universe will launch later this fall with pre-reservation starting now. Customers interested in upcoming NVIDIA H100 SXM offers can apply for a personalized quote.

NVIDIA L4 and L40S GPU instances will be available in October. New bare-metal servers featuring NVIDIA L4 and L40S GPUs are expected to launch this fall.

OVHcloud Launches Carbon Calculator 

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 OVHcloud has announced that it now provides its IaaS customers with a carbon calculator aimed at giving them monthly reports on their cloud-related carbon emission. 

With over 20 years of innovation in developing a sustainable cloud through watercooling at scale, OVHcloud continues to set the bar for industry best practice. Giving customers a better understanding of their cloud infrastructure carbon footprint is aimed at not only providing greater transparency but also encouraging more responsible IT usage across the industry.

The methodology behind the carbon calculator required more than eight months of development, and aims to be exhaustive, by considering factors such as manufacturing down to the component level. Accessible on demand from the OVHcloud customer panel, the tool takes into account the estimated electrical consumption of servers from OVHcloud datacenter monitoring and map them to their carbon equivalent, taking into account the cooling and networking equipment, as well as freight, manufacturing, end of life and waste management, to provide a complete picture of the actual carbon footprint.

The calculator is location-based. As such, the reporting depends on the local power mix, meaning that a server located in a country with a low carbon power mix will result in a different carbon estimate than that of the same server housed in a country with a less favorable mix. By the end of the year, the market-based information will complement carbon calculator reporting, highlighting the Group’s commitment when it comes to power mix decarbonation. 

OVHcloud carbon calculator software stack was developed in conjunction with Sopra Steria, while the methodology was audited by IJO, an independent consulting firm specialising in Green IT. 

“As a major tech player in Europe, we have a key role to play in supporting a more sustainable digital landscape across the entire value chain, including employees, clients, suppliers and partners. That’s why we are delighted to have contributed to the creation of the OVHcloud carbon calculator, which enables businesses to assess the environmental impact of their cloud activities. We are proud of the trust placed in us to play an active role in this decarbonisation initiative” said Fabienne MATHEY-GIRBIG Executive Director Corporate Responsibility & Sustainable Development at Sopra Steria.

In line with a strong commitment to sustainability

OVHcloud has long developed a vertically integrated industrial model with most of its datacenters being built and owned by the Group, featuring proprietary innovations, and leveraging two factories located in Croix, France, and Beauharnois, Canada, to build its own designed servers, providing total control over the value chain. This unique approach means that in a ten hours period under full load an OVHcloud server requires just one glass of water to be cooled, when many servers on the market need seven times more. OVHcloud’s innovation also enables it to reach an average global PUE of 1.28, lower than the 1.55 [1] industry average according to 2022 estimates. 

These water usage effectiveness and power usage effectiveness scores are amongst the best in the industry. They pave the way for future certifications while the newly launched carbon calculator clearly demonstrates OVHcloud’s commitment to a sustainable cloud.

With sustainability rooted in our DNA, we constantly challenge ourselves to improve the carbon footprint of our overall operations. We are more than ever aware of the importance for our customers of calculating their carbon footprint as accurately as possible. We are therefore extremely happgy to give them a precise reading and understanding of it, all with a single click of the mouse.” said Michel Paulin, CEO OVHcloud.

All in all, OVHcloud Carbon Calculator provides customers with transparent and exhaustive (scope 1, 2, 3) carbon footprint information from manufacturing to infrastructure run. The Groupe is the only cloud provider to offer life cycle analysis at a component level on top of the carbon footprint of the cloud service consumption.


OVHcloud Carbon Calculator is now available free of charge worldwide [2] for all of our customers of the BareMetal product line direct from the OVHcloud control panel. It is also accessible through an API. Hosted Private Cloud customers will also benefit from the carbon calculator in the next weeks.

[1] Source: WW DC Operators PUE, Uptime Institute, 2021

[2] Except USA

OVHcloud updates web hosting portfolio with more performance and all-time low pricing tier

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 OVHcloud, the European Cloud leader, today announces a refresh of its all-in-one fully managed web hosting portfolio, providing customers with improved performance and adding a new ‘STARTER’ tier for new users discovering OVHcloud’s webhosting offering. OVHcloud operates millions of websites running on its infrastructure, and with decades of known-how, it has updated its web hosting portfolio to add more resources to speed up the performance of customer websites.

With the same price tiering, customers, both new and existing, immediately benefit from superior CPU and RAM. New webhosting services purchases from now on will benefit from SSD storage resulting in faster access times to new sites data. Last but not least, most clients will also be able to take advantage of larger databases sizes to support rapid growth. These added resources at the same price point help OVHcloud continues in delivering a best-in-class performance-price ratio.

OVHcloud is also introducing a new ‘STARTER’ plan designed for non-tech savvy audiences, which comes with WordPress automatically installed and a host of additional resources including 1 GB of disk space, 2 email addresses, SSL certificate as well as a free domain name for the first year1. This allows users to accelerate their web projects without handling technical set-up. This plan starts from 0,99 EUR2per month and is aimed at creators that want to kick-start their web adventure. 

On top of highly flexible offers and a full set of services, OVHcloud is also updating its domain bundles. When registering a domain with OVHcloud, customers will also get 100 MB of disk space (upgraded from 10 MB) as well as one free email address and DNSSEC security.

As the first step in a wider plan to bring even more performance to shared webhosting infrastructure, these updated web hosting offers benefit from OVHcloud’s established expertise in helping customers start their web projects quickly and easily with the ability to scale according to their needs. 

OVHcloud’s web hosting portfolio offers a broad range of packages to support all web traffic needs and abilities, from beginners and enthusiasts to web specialists and more technical users. 


The refreshed web hosting offers are available now and accessible to new customers worldwide3

Existing customers will automatically benefit from the new CPU and RAM specifications in their web hosting package, all at the same price. This development maintains OVHcloud’s commitment to delivering value through continuous innovation and performance improvement.

OVHCloud Announces Revised VMware on OVHcloud Offering

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OVHcloud, the European cloud leader, announces the rearchitecting of its VMware portfolio in the Hosted Private Cloud universe. Closely following the needs of system integrators, SaaS providers, SMB and Enterprises, the new VMware on OVHcloud product line aims to address the main challenges in moving legacy apps to the cloud, developing modern apps or setting up a multicloud strategy. 

Leveraging technologies and architectures already used, trusted and known by customers, the VMware on OVHcloud lineup offers a seamless experience built on VMware vSphere. It is both robust and flexible and takes advantage of a large unmetered 10 Gbps guaranteed public bandwidth as well as an improved and industry leading SLA of 99,95% for higher availability and resilience. The VMware on OVHcloud range is now comprised of four products: 

  • OVHcloud Managed VMware vSphere
  • OVHcloud Managed VMware vSphere, Hyperconverged Storage
  • OVHcloud Managed VMware vSphere, Network Security
  • OVHcloud Managed VMware vSphere, Software-Defined Datacenter

The perfect platform to migrate and build modern applications

The VMware on OVHcloud platform now allows application migration to the cloud without any refactoring, reducing risk and saving time, on top of the ability to perform infrastructure migration in lift & shift scenarios. It is ready to deploy VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, making Kubernetes cluster management a breeze and paving the way for apps to evolve to a Cloud native model.

With VMware NSX-T available on select products, the overall security management of apps is streamlined, whatever their context (VM or Container). This also includes the ability to rely on a micro-segmentation strategy to reduce the risk of lateral movement attacks, such as ransomwares.

Staying in control of cloud spending

The rearchitected VMware on OVHcloud product line is designed to offer customers maximum flexibility, ensuring that they only pay for what they need. With costs rising around the world across most industries, and 80% of businesses concerned by the challenge of mastering cloud spending, this focus offers organisations the best possible performance – price ratio for their budgets and needs, further demonstrating the predictable pricing OVHcloud is known for.

A secure and sustainable offer

VMware on OVHcloud benefits from OVHcloud’s well-known expertise in infrastructure, offering a trusted Cloud in environmentally friendly datacenters. Totally integrated with other OVHcloud services through vRack Private Network, VMware on OVHcloud addresses the most stringent workloads when it comes to sovereignty. Being labeled as a VMware Sovereign Cloud Provider, VMware on OVHcloud comes with a host of certifications including HDS, PCI-DSS and the SecNumCloud qualification delivered by France’s National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI).

OVHcloud datacenters take advantage of a unique industrial model with a bespoke watercooling system that contributes to a truly sustainable Cloud, which allows customers to reach best-in-class PUE/WUE indexes. Greatly participating in helping businesses to reach their goals in sustainability, the VMware on OVHcloud offer is VMware Zero Carbon Committed certified.

Pricing and availability

All in all, the new VMware on OVHcloud lineup offers an unprecedented level of flexibility at the software and hardware levels, boasts one of the best performance-price ratios of the industry and benefits from a technical foundation designed to answer modern businesses challenges including cloud cost control.

VMware on OVHcloud is now available in Canada and Europe.

OVHcloud Announces C12 Powered Notebook

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 OVHcloud, the european Cloud leader, announces the immediate availability of a new emulator, accessible through a notebook, aimed at facilitating quantum computing.

In time for the France Quantum 2023 event taking place today at Station F, OVHcloud confirms its commitment towards innovation and quantum computing giving access to French startup C12 quantum emulator. 

In development for months, this emulator will make sure developers access all the physics phenomena occurring in future C12 quantum processor thanks to a faithful and accurate emulator. Built out of carbon nanotubes, C12 quantum machines are designed to provide the highest compute accuracy perfectly mimicked by this emulator.

OVHcloud is delivering on its promise to foster a quantum ecosystem helping global developers, students and scientists alike accessing the tools they need so they are ready for the next leap. 

C12 notebook is available this month from OVHcloud Public Cloud universe. Members of the OVHcloud Startup Program and qualifying students will get complimentary access to all OVHcloud quantum notebooks.

OVHcloud Announces Cold Archive

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 OVHcloud today announced the general availability of Cold Archive, its new archiving solution leveraging 8+4 erasure coding, adding to its growing Public Cloud portfolio of storage offers. Designed to meet customers’ expectations and scaling needs, OVHcloud Cold Archive tackles the challenge of exponential data growth in Public Cloud environments year on year.

A vision for long term storage

Engineered for long-term data retention, OVHcloud Cold Archive is an innovative and sustainable storage solution for infrequently accessed data. From data protection to archiving, Cold Archive is designed for use cases including but not limited to media companies that sit on thousands of terabytes of video libraries without the need for continuous access, healthcare companies legally bound to keep their data for decades or companies of all kind looking to improve resiliency in a multi-cloud scenario with another set of their data in a different location.

Not only does Cold Archive addresses storage needs for industry compliance and data conservation of financial or HR records but it is also a perfect match for businesses that understand their current data has untapped potential. As companies collect more and more data, they might not immediately extract its business value. In the long run, this data might prove valuable in yet to be defined workloads built around AI, analytics or simply with future business endeavors. 

OVHcloud Cold Archive is a unique and cost-effective way to preserve that data. It is equally ideally suited to answer data sovereignty concerns in line with OVHcloud’s commitment to provide a trusted Cloud, offering users with total control over their data.

Atempo and IBM at the heart of Cold Archive

At the heart of OVHcloud storage data centres is IBM best-in-class hardware tape technology. Leveraging IBM tape readers and library automation, storage data centers

can store up to 3 Exabytes of data per site with up to 18 000 tapes per library.

Atempo provides the Miria software solution to manage high density IBM tape libraries assisting in the background with archiving and restoring, in a seamless way for the user.

A unique and resilient infrastructure leveraging storage tapes

Based on a fully resilient architecture spread on 4 dedicated storage data centres, the solution benefits from new select sites built from the ground up by the OVHcloud design office using 100% 3D sketching to further optimize building conception and deployment.

OVHcloud Cold Archive is an offsite solution that employs tapes where each storage data centre is at least 100 kilometers apart and located in France. Totaling 4 storage data centres, Cold Archive is a geo-dispersed storage solution able to withstand the loss of a complete region.

With an average lifespan of more than a decade compared to conventional hard disk drives or SSD, tapes provide additional key benefits such as zero power: once data is written, there’s no actual power for the tape when it’s stored away in the library. This offline state contributes to the overall security of the archive, along with existing data immutability, user policies and data protection measures.

A standardized archiving solution

Cold Archive is addressable through the S3 API. Clients will leverage their existing knowledge, making data migration easier. For improved security, data is encrypted at the object storage bucket level with AES-256 server-side encryption based on customer-provided encryption keys.

OVHcloud Cold Archive provides a trusted and secure long-term storage that scales from terabytes to petabytes of data and beyond, benefiting from an attractive pricing model that includes internal traffic as well as API calls. Supporting industry standard APIs, Cold Archive exposes tape storage solutions to infra as code tools.

Unmatched pricing at 0,0013 EUR per Gigabyte

Cold Archive is available today for customers in Europe, Canada and APAC. Combining the longevity and resiliency of tape based solutions with replication of content by erasure coding on 4 data centres, the proposition has a strong performance / price ratio.

Pricing model is set at 0,0013 EUR per Gigabyte for an archive with a 6 months commitment.

Tape Archive0,0013 EUR / Gigabyte
Standard Object Storage0,007 EUR / Gigabyte
Restoration costs0,005 EUR / Gigabyte
Outgoing public traffic0,01 EUR / Gigabyte

OVHcloud becomes a major partner of Centech 

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OVHcloud has just signed a partnership agreement with Centech, a Quebec innovation center recognized by UBI Global as one of the top 10 university business incubators in the world. Created in 1996, Centech’s mission is to stimulate entrepreneurship and high-potential technological projects, from conception to market, by creating an ecosystem based on excellence and open innovation in selected sectors such as Deeptech and Medtech.

Driven by the same vocation to support innovation through its dedicated Startup program, OVHcloud will offer Centech dedicated technical support and premium access to its portfolio of open, interoperable and reversible cloud solutions. Whether they are in the start-up or development phase, Centech startups will benefit from an access to a cloud combining performance and flexibility to accelerate their projects and conquer new markets.

OVHcloud purchases its first Quandela quantum computer

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 OVHcloud, the European cloud leader, further confirms its ambitions and support of the growing quantum computing ecosystem with the purchase of its first quantum powered machine to kick-off new efforts in the fields of research and development. Designed by French company Quandela, the MosaiQ computer is powered by a photonic processor.  

Doubling down on its efforts in quantum computing, the Group’s goal is to provide its research and development department with the right tools to experiment with a Quantum Processing Unit (QPU) based machine for various use cases. This comes in addition to the announcement, last summer, of a plan to offer quantum-based calculation as-a-service through several emulators, including Perceval, the programming framework developed by Quandela.  

Staying true to its commitment towards open ecosystems, OVHcloud actively supports development efforts in the field of quantum computing via its France Quantum conference initiative, where OVHcloud is a co-founding member, and through its Startup Program. The latter provides technical assistance as well as credits elevating innovation in quantum computing with startups, active both in the hardware and software fields. Over the years, this commitment already led to significant breakthroughs with Quandela’s early proof of concept effectively using OVHcloud infrastructure and Quandela’s first customers being able to connect to their QPU through OVHcloud. Hosted in OVHcloud datacentres in France (GRA) and Canada (BHS), Quandela’s Perceval notebook is also available here for OVHcloud Public Cloud customers so that they can discover quantum emulation. 

Marking a significant milestone and paving the way for a quantum ready future, Quandela’s system is expected for delivery sometime this fall. It relies on an upgradeable platform thanks to the use of photonics. With a QPU that can be reconfigured, the system will prove to be upgradable through new modules to quickly ramp up the overall computing capabilities.