Schneider Electric’s Wiser Energy An Effective Way To Monitor Seasonal Electricity Use

Seasonal changes mean colder temperatures, longer nights and less time spent outdoors. As the weather turns, Canadians spend more time inside, using electricity to cook, cozy up on the couch for movie nights and entertain friends and family.

To help manage electricity use, Schneider Electric has created Wiser Energy, an integrated monitoring system for residential homes. The internet-connected device tracks and monitors energy activity and use to provide real-time, easy-to-understand data so homeowners can make their homes greener and more efficient—all through a convenient mobile-app.

As the seasons change, Wiser Energy can help Canadians:

  • Identify extra electricity consumption from having the oven and stove on more often while cooking and entertaining friends and family.
  • Understand how much electricity is being used from having an electric fireplace or space heater to warm up a room.
  • Leave for that fancy holiday party with peace of mind they remembered to turn off the hair straightener or clothing iron.

Wiser Energy easily connects to a residential electrical panel and Wi-Fi network. Over time, the system learns about a home to identify appliances and energy use patterns. Wiser Energy can help homeowners determine how they can change their habits to use energy smarter.

Product benefits include:

  • Peace of mind: Canadians can keep tabs on home activity from anywhere with an easy to use mobile app, so they can know when the garage door is opened, when the clothes are dry, or whether the sump pump is running.
  • Instant Alert Notification: Homeowners can be notified with instant, customizable alerts for appliances, so there’s no worrying whether the oven was left on or the curling iron was left plugged in.
  • Save Money: Reduce electricity bills with live energy tracking and detailed views by appliance, leading to lower energy consumption.

Wiser Energy is powered by the Sense app, whose intelligent home energy technology interprets the power usage and activity of devices in the home. Wiser Energy is available online through Home Depot.

For more information, visit:

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