Hisense Announces Quantum Dot TVs

With colours as vibrant as you would see in nature, the darkest blacks and brightest whites, Quantum Dot technology is providing an unparalleled TV viewing experience.

Quantum Dots are semiconductor nanocrystals that produce pure red, green and blue lights, supporting a TV display that is brighter, with sharper contrasts and more than a billion colours. Whether watching a movie, sports or your favourite sitcom or playing video games, doing so on a Quantum Dot TV will take you to new levels.

A Quantum Dot display is as much as 100 times brighter than a classic cathode ray tube or even liquid crystals. Quantum Dot LEDs have reached in excess of 9,000 candelas per square metre; by way of comparison, an LCD computer monitor is about 500 candelas per square metre.

The result is a bright, crisp picture that can keep up with the action on the screen.

Hisense currently offers Quantum Dot technology in two of its TV families

  • Q8 Series — The Q8 — available in 55-inch and 65-inch screens — is a 4K ULED set equipped with Android TV. Local dimming makes it easy to watch from almost any angle, and the colour, contrast and brightness is supported by Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range. It also has Motion Rate technology to minimize lag during fast-moving sequences — perfect for taking in a high-speed chase or action on the ice. The result is a brilliant picture with oceans that sparkle bluer, fiery reds burning hotter and grass that is always greener. The Android TV has Google Assistant built in, allowing seamless networking with your Google Home and voice-activated commands, It also means access to more than 500,000 movies and TV shows through streaming services like Netflix, Google Play, YouTube and Amazon Prime. The Q8 is now available at Costco.ca, Best Buy.ca, Amazon.ca and other retailers across Canada.
  • Q9 Series — The superior picture quality and speed of the Q9 makes it an ideal TV for gamers. Similar to the Q8, it boasts more than a billion colours to maximize colour accuracy. It has 132 local dimming zones , Motion Rate technology and 1,000 nits peak brightness, so the picture looks great in a light or dark room. Connect to Google Home or Alexa and stream content in excess of a half-million shows and movies — using voice-activated controls. The Q9 is available at Visions Electronics and in Quebec at Brault & Martineau.

For more information, please visit hisense-canada.com.

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