Apple Called Out By Many Including Tumblr CTO Because Of Serious Background App Management Issues In iOS 13.2

I’ve been saying for years Apple has a serious software quality issue that they cannot seem to fix. And its reared its head again with reports from sites like MacRumors and iMore that background app management in iOS 13.2 is horribly broken. What you’ll likely see if you have an iPhone running iOS 13.2 is that an app that gets tossed into the background will be force quit and have to restart. So if for example you were playing a YouTube video on the YouTube app and you toss it into the background to answer a text message, and then you go back to the YouTube app, YouTube will be force quit and you’d have to start the video over.

Here’s a video from Aaron Zollo of Zollotech that shows this in action:

In other words, the iPhone doesn’t multitask anymore. And that’s an #EpicFail in 2019. So much so that the CTO of Tumblr Marco Arment has called out Apple on this, oddly enough on Twitter:

That’s not subtle. But he’s right. While I won’t use the colorful language that he’s used, Apple’s software quality is horribly broken. As in Apple cannot hide this and make excuses for it anymore. Apple really needs to admit that they have a problem on this front, then get serious about fixing it so that they can go back to the days when stuff “just works” rather than what we have now which is a train wreck next to a dumpster fire.

Given the state of play when it comes to Apple’s software quality, or lack of it, no wonder iOS 13 is considered the buggiest release of iOS ever.

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