TekSavvy TV Launches Cloud PVR & Advanced Features

TekSavvy Solutions and its affiliate cable company Hastings Cable Vision Ltd., today announced the launch of its Cloud PVR service and other advanced features. TekSavvy TV Cloud PVR works very much like a traditional Personal Video Recorder (PVR) that Canadians have been using for years, only now the customer can store their recorded content securely and privately in the TekSavvy TV Cloud. TekSavvy TV Cloud PVR subscribers can watch, pause and rewind their favourite recorded show whenever they want, across all of their authorized devices.

The TekSavvy TV Cloud PVR starts at $10.00 per month for 50 hours of recording time. Customers who want a bit more recording space can order 100 hours of recording time for $15.00 per month. Customers can add the service to their accounts by visiting teksavvy.com/myaccount.

TekSavvy today also announced two new advanced viewing features for TekSavvy TV customers: Look-Back and Restart. Customers who miss the beginning of their favourite shows or must-watch games can now catch all the action no matter when they tune in with Restart. Look-Back allows customers to go back up to 30 hours in the electronic programming guide and select shows that have previously aired and watch them in their entirety. Look-Back and Restart are available on selected content and channels to which the customer subscribes. Both Look-Back and Restart are available to customers at no additional charge.

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