2020 Will Be A Year Of Experience-Driven Innovation: Citrix

Emboldened by the tightest labour market the world has ever seen, employees are demanding a simpler, smarter, more flexible way to work. And in 2020, they’ll get it. Citrix has outlined 4 major predictions they see as being the future of work and technology in 2020.

Citrix predicts that this will be a year of experience-driven innovation that will prioritize employees and their work more than ever. This shift in focus to a people-centric approach will force business leaders to discover how and where their employees work best and, powered by modern technology, will unlock a new way of working that offers higher levels of efficiency and flexibility. Citrix predicts the following in 2020:

  • The employee experience is more important than ever, resulting in new methods of tracking behaviours that can inform new technologies and processes, ultimately improving the value of the organization
  • Technology will adapt to human workflows, enhancing how an individual wants to work and adapting to that individual through people-centric computing
  • Working from home will become the new norm, allowing businesses to discover how and where their employees work best, providing flexible and accessible work environments powered by modern technology
  • Collective migration to hybrid cloud, enabling digital services to be more accessible, affordable, and capable than ever before.

Stay tuned in 2020 to see if these predictions from Citrix prove to be accurate.

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