In Depth: The Dell EMC Canada Roundtable

Recently, I had the chance to attend a roundtable with some key people from Dell EMC Canada. Specifically:

  • Paul Katigbak – SVP, Commercial Sales, Dell EMC Canada
  • Mike Sharun – President, Enterprise Sales, Dell EMC Canada
  • Shawn Cruise – VP, Canada at RSA

The first thing that I would draw your attention to is the fact that I spoke some heavy hitters from Dell EMC Canada who were all on the same page. That’s a big deal because Dell EMC has been accused of being a collection of pieces that have been assembled haphazardly. But after talking to these three people for just about an hour, that could not be further from the case. It became clear to me that Dell EMC can now bring a significant amount to the table to give their customers exactly what they require from a single source.

The topic of this roundtable was cybersecurity. And I asked for their thoughts on a few topics and got some interesting answers. For example:

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): This is a popular way to lower IT costs and potentially increase employee engagement by letting employees choose their own device. Except that this is a potential security threat as you never know what is on a computer that is either somewhat or completely outside of IT’s control that could negatively impact a corporate environment as it is an excellent attack vector for the bad guys.

Users: The users in any company are the weakest link. There needs to be more education to ensure that users aren’t the attack vector for any sort of attack by a bad actor via phishing emails, bad passwords, or social engineering.

GDPR (and laws like it): While laws like GDPR make sense to hold companies accountable when they screw up on the data protection front, what’s really needed are rules to encourage them be more proactive rather than reactive.

And finally, one fact that I didn’t know is that Dell EMC does a lot of research into cybersecurity. I think that dispels the myth that all Dell EMC does is sell computers, servers, and storage.

I want to thank Dell EMC for the invitation to this roundtable. I learned a lot from it both from a cybersecurity standpoint and from a Dell EMC standpoint. By the end of it, it became clear to me that Dell EMC brings a lot of value to the table for customers.


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