New LinkedIn Research Reveals Tech Engineering Jobs Are On The Rise In Canada

LinkedIn has launched its inaugural Emerging Jobs Report, revealing that if you’re an engineer, your job prospects are pretty desirable in Canada. Findings show that more than 50 per cent of this year’s emerging jobs consist of roles related to engineering or development. Moreover, these roles are appearing in abundance across Canada’s growing tech hubs including Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Kitchener.

LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report identifies the jobs experiencing tremendous growth over the last 5 years, as well as the skills uniquely associated with them, and how these trends will continue to transform the Canadian job landscape through 2020. Here are the top 3 engineering and development jobs to look out for:

  1. Site Reliability Engineer: Responsible for ensuring that development and operational processes are running smoothly, the demand for this job will likely continue to rise as long as we continue to adopt technology. As a bonus, the skills required are transferable to many different engineering roles. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Kitchener are where this job is in highest demand.
  2. Data Engineer: This role has seen more than 50% growth in hiring annually since 2015 and with the deluge of data showing no signs of stopping, this role is here to stay. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary are the hubs driving demand for data engineers.

DevOps Engineer: While the job definition of a DevOps Engineer varies per role, they hold the expertise and knowledge in developing and operating software applications to implement next-generation infrastructure. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Kitchener and Calgary are driving demand for this occupation in Canada.

To view the full list of emerging jobs in the Canadian market and read more on the trends, visit here.

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