IT Worker With Revenge Fantasies Jailed For Carrying Them Out

Are you an IT worker? Does your company annoy you to the point where you think it’s a good idea to get some revenge against them? I would say think twice about that. And consider the case of a former Jet2 IT contractor with a grudge. He has been jailed for a cyber-attack on the company which he did to get revenge against the company:

Scott Burns, 27, of Queen Street in Morley, Leeds, was jailed for 10 months for his actions, which cost the company $214,000. The attack shut down Jet2’s computer network for 12 hours in January 2018. Burns wanted revenge for the firm’s treatment of him following an incident at a 2017 “Benidorm roadshow,” Leeds Crown Court heard. Details about happened at the event in Benidorm were not outlined in court. The court heard only fast-thinking by one employee at the Leeds-based airline stopped Burns’ actions being a “complete disaster” for Jet2. Burns pleaded guilty to eight counts under the Computer Misuse Act at a previous hearing. Judge Andrew Stubbs QC told Burns: “You intended to cause as much damage to Jet2’s computer system as you could. “This went far beyond being mischievous. This was a revenge attack for a perceived slight you had suffered.”

From my perspective, 10 months seems light to me. This attack harmed a company and thousands of employees. It cost them money, and likely led to angry customers, potential compensation for those customers, stressed staff and staff being abused by the public. Perhaps it should have been higher so that those with revenge fantasies think twice about doing something like this.

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