How To Check If The New Car That You Want Has Apple CarPlay AND Android Auto Included

I had a client of mine tell me a story about their hunt for a new car. In short, they went to the dealer, got the specs, test drove the car, and liked it. Then they asked if it came with Apple CarPlay. The dealer said no. They then got up and walked out of the dealership. In their case, Apple CarPlay was a critical item for them. Thus if a car didn’t have it, they weren’t interested in that car. Then they had a question for me, how can they tell up front what cars come with Apple CarPlay.

Now their reaction isn’t unique. Having Apple CarPlay and/or Android Auto is a major selling point for car buyers. And any car company that doesn’t have one, the other, or both may lose a sale. Fortunately for car buyers, this is easy to research before you go to the dealership. Both Apple and Google maintain compatibility lists which you can see via the links below:

Now if I were you, I would be looking to have both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in your next new vehicle. Here’s why. At some point down the road (excuse the pun) you may want to go from Team Android to Team iPhone or vice versa for your next new smartphone. Thus a car that supports both is one that will cause you way less frustration as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are far easier to use than most if not all car makers built in systems. Thus checking to see if the car that you’re interested in has both is a worthwhile investment in your time as there are car companies that only support one of these systems. Porsche for example only supports Apple CarPlay for reasons that you can read about here. No Lexus vehicle that I am aware of supports Android Auto, and only some 2019 model year vehicles support Apple CarPlay. My last example comes from sister brand Toyota. A small number of 2019 model year vehicles and a larger number of model year 2020 vehicles support CarPlay. But only a small number of 2020 Toyota vehicles support Android Auto. Thus you need to do your homework before going to the dealer.

Finally, one last piece of advice that I would have is once you choose your vehicle, which is to make sure the dealer sets up your phone and walks you through how everything works. This is something that I strongly feel that this should be a given when you buy a car these days. But I hate to say that it isn’t. In many cases they do nothing other than pair your phone via Bluetooth and that’s it. So if that happens to you, you do have another option. Both Apple and Google have tutorials that can get you started with either of their systems. I’d peruse those to help you use both these systems in your shiny new car.

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