Element AI announces Access Governor

Element AI today announced the general availability of its Access Governor product, the latest addition to the company’s growing portfolio of AI software solutions. Drawing on the end-user’s historical data, Access Governor analyzes, recommends, and manages the most appropriate information and location access rights for large groups of employees, so they can efficiently complete their jobs. The product allows the IT team to quickly authorize or revoke employee access and accounts, creating a safer, more orderly organization. Access Governor is available now through the Element AI sales group.

For years, businesses have struggled with regulating digital access control to data and facilities—especially businesses with high numbers of employees and external contractors.

Element AI has taken its applied research capabilities to create a software that will analyze and manage role-based access control for multiple ‘digital keychains’ with predictive pre-assembly and activation/revocation intelligence that can quickly facilitate access to the critical information and assets of any company.

While role-based access control systems have existed for a long time, rules and protocols had to be configured. This is a slow and inefficient process, with no intuition on the part of the access control layer. Many businesses end up having to manually configure and reconfigure rules each time there is a reorganization of employees or changes in the applications used. Access Governor brings in an additional layer of intelligence built on top of this process that looks at past patterns and current trends to empower any IT team to quickly adapt to employee additions, departures and changing contractor access rights.

For more information about Element AI Access Governor product, or to request a sales demo, contact: elementai.com/contact.

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