Is LastPass Down? That Depends On Who You Ask…. [UPDATED]

LastPass has been suffering from a major outage as users are reporting being unable to log into their accounts and autofill passwords. What’s odd is the company insists that everything is working properly, even though there’s an unusually high number of users reporting issues:

User reports about login issues have been flooding Twitter, but also the company’s forum, Reddit, and DownDetector. Users are reporting receiving the following error when trying to log in: “An error has occurred while contacting the LastPass server. Please try again later.” Both home and enterprise users are impacted. According to reports, LastPass’ support staff has been either non-responsive, or denying reports of any technical issue happening at all. Despite issues being reported as far back as three days, the company has not updated its status page to reflect the incident, nor do they provided any type of explanation or useful help to their userbase.

According to multiple user on Twitter, the problems appear to impact only users with LastPass accounts dating to 2014, or prior. On DownDetector, a company spokesperson said the company was still investigating the incident, stating that there are no glaring issues with its servers — which suggests the roots of this outage might be in a software component. “We are aware of and actively investigating reports from some LastPass customers who are experiencing issues and receiving errors when attempting to log in. At this time no service issues have been identified.” Contacted by ZDNet, the company described the outage as “an isolated issue with limited impact” and said that “engineers are working to resolve the issue.”

I had a look at Twitter and there’s lots of evidence implies that whatever issue that LastPass is having is not on that has a “limited impact” which is exhibited by this Tweet:

However, there’s this that seems to imply that this is a bit overblown as per this Tweet:

So it isn’t clear if this is still an issue, or if this is overblown. I’m going to watch this, but if you have any feedback on this, please leave a comment as I am sure that lots of users of LastPass would like some clarity.

UPDATE: This article suggests that the issue is resolved. But I am also seeing Tweets like this:

That to me implies that the issue isn’t 100% solved. But I would love to hear from LastPass users to confirm if this issue is actually resolved.

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