LinkedIn’s Latest Global Talent Trends Report Shows The Latest Overarching Themes In Employee Retention & Recruitment

The 2020s will be defined by a human centric approach to business. Empathy is reshaping the way talent is hired and retained, as companies work to understand their people more deeply than ever before in order to better serve them. As the corporate purpose evolves to consider more than just shareholder returns, companies are investing in their employees — not only to attract in-demand candidates, but to retain their workforce amid changing expectations.

This overarching theme can be seen in each of the four trends in LinkedIn’s latest Global Talent Trends report:

  • Employee experience – The emergence of employee experience offers new ways to cater to employees and is being used as a measure to increase retention which is why 84 per cent of companies focus on EX.
  • People analytics – Analytics are factoring into hiring practices, 70% of talent professionals predict people analytics to be a major priority for HR/TA over the next 5 years. Yet, more than half (52%) say they need help putting basic people analytics into practice.
  • Internal recruiting – Internal recruiting is undergoing a revival with a focus on advancing people’s careers from within. HR professionals identified improved retention (84%), productivity (69%), and maintaining institutional knowledge (70%) as key drivers of this increasing importance.
  • The multigenerational workforce – Harnessing the power of age diversity and celebrating everyone’s strengths means companies are seeing more age diversity than ever. Nearly 90% of HR professionals agree that a multigenerational workforce makes for a more successful company.

You can have a look at the report here.

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