The Windows 10 Start Menu Now Harasses Firefox Users

From the “WTF?” department comes this story on the “Suggested” section on the Windows 10 Start Menu. It used to just promote its own apps, which was annoying in itself. But for some users who haven’t disable Microsoft’s “Suggestions”, that menu is now showing a new kind of ad listing reports MSPowerUser:

The listing displays “Still using Firefox? Microsoft Edge is here”, to all users of the former — even with the latter already installed.

The ad provides a link to download the chromium-based browser.

Undoubtedly, the suggestions won’t end here. Microsoft is reportedly planning to sprawl similar ads out to Wordpad, to encourage users to download official Office apps.

Microsoft’s “Suggestions” can be permanently disabled with a few tweaks, but the fact is that you shouldn’t have to put up with this. Operating systems shouldn’t be advertising the way that Windows 10 seems to. Users hate it and I often get asked to disable that and live tiles to make Windows 10 more usable. That should be a big hint to the folks in Redmond to stop doing this. Which of course they won’t unless they’re forced to.

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