TELUS Tries To Get In Front Of The Liberal Government Demand To Cut Cell Phone Bills By 25%

While I was in the process of researching something for a customer who wanted to switch from their current provider to TELUS, I tripped over this link which seems to have some talking points about their pricing in relation to the demand by the Liberal Government that cell phone bills be cut by 25%. Among other things, it says this:

We reviewed our current in-market pricing to ensure our plans meet – or exceed – the $2929 annual target for a family of four, as outlined in the chart below. Also, according to a study by PWC, Canada’s unlimited plans are ranked #1 based on wireless speed, access, latency and cost per GB among G7 nations.

The way I read this, I see the following:

  • TELUS already meets or exceeds what the Liberal Government wants carriers to do in terms of pricing.
  • Cell phone service is the best in the world in Canada. Which if I read this a certain way, TELUS is basically saying that to be the best in the world requires more investment, which requires higher cell phone bills.

There’s also this:

Our TELUS Peace of Mind plan for a family of four provides 26GB more data than the sample plans referenced by the Liberal Party, and provides an additional $49 in annual savings.

It’s an interesting argument overall. In fact it’s a much better argument than the one that Rogers is making in terms of how much money they pump into the Canadian economy. The question is, will it resonate with the average Canadian who feels that their cell phone bills are way too high? On that front, the facts don’t matter because perception is reality to them. Or will it resonate with someone like me who travels worldwide and sees everything from getting very fast 4G LTE speeds in the middle of rural India for $13 CDN for three months to $2 CDN a day in Australia for 4G LTE unlimited everything except data which is capped at 500MB a day. For someone like me I look at either of those examples, then I look at Canada and say “why can’t we in Canada have nice things?”

I can’t answer if it will resonate or not. But I think we will get answers shortly as the push by the Liberal Government for cheaper cell phone bills continues.

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