Salesforce Announces The Latest Nonprofit Trends Report

As non-profits operate in an increasing volatile world and evolving digital landscape, they face both challenges to their missions and opportunities for their vision.

The world needs non-profits, as it is continuously threatened by climate change, natural and human-made disasters, humanitarian crises, political chaos and food insecurity. In order to meet this need, technology has become the great equalizer. In fact, 85% of nonprofits surveyed agreed that technology is key to the success of their operations, as it allows them to reach new audiences, serve more communities, respond to new challenges, or optimize opportunities.

Salesforce prepared a summary of key findings for the report below, and, the company’s social impact centre focused on tackling the world’s biggest problems, has created a great blog post that summarizes the report really nicely here.

Key Canadian report findings include:

People want to be involved in non-profits’ work

  • 72% of non-profits report an increase in desire from constituents’ to participate in their organizations

Transparency and trust are still the keys to success

  • 71% report an increase in demand for transperancy
  • 23% state there is a lack of trust and transparency within non-profits

Funding continues to be an issue

  • 34% stated that changes in government funding have affected their ability to deliver on their mission

 Capturing and leveraging data are continuous challenges for non-profits

  • 37% say that capturing and managing accurate data on constituents is at least a substantial challenge
  • 71% state it is hard to understand if their programs are effective and/or reaching the population they set out to serve

 CRM is the most used technology

  • 79% of non-profits currently use CRM, followed by marketing automation at 35% and social engagement at 34%


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