Uber Driver Launches ‘DriverChatter’: A Social App For Rideshare Drivers

Vivek Shah, an Uber and Lyft driver from Chicago has launched a new app called ‘DriverChatter’ available for download to Uber and Lyft drivers. The app has successfully launched in Chicago, IL and aims to grow its user base in cities across the United States.

Shah has driven for Uber and Lyft for more than a year. While on a backpacking trip across the globe, he came up with the idea to connect drivers.

DriverChatter allows users to chat with their colleagues using their personal DriverChatter profile or they can enter anonymous mode. Shah wants users to feel secure utilizing the app. Uber and Lyft drivers can download the app for free on their smartphone, sign up for a DriverChatter account, and verify their profile by uploading a screenshot of their Uber of Lyft profile. The app is ultra-secure with end-to-end encryption and authenticates each driver.

DriverChatter currently has features such as image sharing and the ability to share your location with nearby drivers to meet up. More features are in development such as a walkie-talkie mode, video sharing, and the ability to create your own chatrooms.

DriverChatter is available for download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Learn more at DriverChatter.net.

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