Xiaomi Joins Forces with Gupshup AI Messenger

World-leading AI-based bot and messaging platform Gupshup has partnered with the global leading smartphone and smart TV brand Xiaomi on a global partnership, ensuring Xiaomi phones feature the most up-to-date technology and unmatched user experience via Gupshup’s new messenger app throughout India.

You can download Gupshup Messages Here: Google Play Store Download

Bundled onto the phones, Gupshup enables Xiaomi customers most advanced AI-powered features such asautomated classification and smart visualization of messages, and with it, Xiaomi users to more securely and efficiently manage their messaging inboxes.

The feature will be preinstalled onto the latest Xiaomi phones, including their new flagship device MI10 that is available today February 13th. It will be available as a software update on older phones. Key features of the built-in app:

  • Plain text message processing with actionable, easy-to-read card display using pre-designed templates highlighting key information
  • Additional security features that protect user privacy and data, such as software enabling the smart SMS to run independently and send no data externally
  • AI-assisted message and notification sorting that separates movie/flight/etc. ticketing information, payment reminders, or one-time login pins from messages with friends or family

Here’s a video:

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