Mitel & Martello Keeps Businesses Productive When Remote Working Is Required

Martello Technologies Group Inc. announced today that it is seeing increased recognition of its technology solutions by partners tasked with ensuring reliable remote collaboration for companies impacted by COVID-19. With calls for businesses to curtail all non-essential travel, companies implementing policies that require employees to self-quarantine when appropriate, and organizations moving to virtual events, there is growing recognition that investing in a technology infrastructure that effectively supports remote work and connections with virtual teams can keep businesses productive under a range of external challenges.

VOIP Networks, Mitel’s Northeast Partner of the Year for the Americas, has many customers with distributed businesses that rely on Mitel video conferencing and communication solutions for remote real-time collaboration. When business travel is constrained, remote collaboration becomes mission-critical for its customers. By working with Martello, VOIP Networks can ensure that these collaboration solutions are operating efficiently. VOIP Networks is also using Martello’s software for remote access to customer networks to reduce travel for its own staff when addressing customer problems.

At the Channel Partners 2020 Conference & Expo in Las Vegas next week, Martello (Booth #460) will be on hand to ensure partners have the technology required to facilitate reliable remote collaboration for their customers.

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