macOS 10.15.4 Is Now Prompting One Or More “Legacy System Extension” On Your Mac…… What Does That Mean For You

If you have recently updated to macOS Catalina 10.15.4, you might have seen a prompt like this after the upgrade:

In my case, I got this for the software that drives my Logitech mouse as well as Sophos anti virus. I also got a few calls from clients about this asking what this means for them. Here’s a quick primer.

What this message is telling you is that in a future version of macOS, kernel extensions which are better known as system extensions which enhance the ability of macOS to function will no longer work. If you want to get into the nerdy details, you can get them here. But in short, this is something that dates back to the early days of OS X and then macOS. The problem is that Apple wants to make the operating system more secure. Steps like introducing APFS, and Gatekeeper are examples of how Apple is achieving that goal. And getting rid of system extensions are the next step.

For now you have nothing to worry about. But in a future version of macOS, likely macOS 10.16 this fall, the piece of software that is generating this message will stop working. Thus software vendors need to update their software, and you need to install those updates. In my case, Sophos has a statement about this on their website which states that you don’t need to take any action at this time and an update is coming. I was unable to find any info about what Logitech is doing. Thus I will be sending them an email to find out what their plans are.

I would recommend that you take a note of the software that generates these prompts and reach out to the software vendor in question to find out what their plans are to make them go away. Because if they delay coming out with a fix, the potential exists that software that you might depend upon may stop working as early as this fall. Thus reaching out to them to say that you are expecting a fix for this will put pressure on them  to do something about it now.

Finally, if you want Apple’s official word on this issue, you can find that here.

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