OpenText Announces new Cloud Editions (CE)

OpenText today announced its most comprehensive cloud update, with the delivery of OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) 20.2. This release provides a strengthened information infrastructure, empowering organizations to quickly respond and adapt to a business climate defined by new ways to work.  

OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) 20.2 offers flexible cloud-deployment options with managed service expertise, new Core SaaS applications and services, developer-centric innovations, and the latest Trading Grid™ cloud integration platform designed to unlock the value of an organization’s information assets.  

These new information management tools help organizations scale, flex and respond to change. This launch provides technology updates designed to adapt by default, helping our customers lead their teams through this crisis and invest for recovery.  

Scale, flex, and adapt to a changing market  

OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) introduces new cloud-native software from OpenText. Designed with a containerized architecture, OpenText Cloud Editions (CE) provides organizations with flexible options to run software anywhere, whether in their data center, through a hybrid deployment, or within their cloud platform of choice. Containerized quarterly updates offer new features and value, and provide customers with the regular, incremental updates and improvements that they have come to expect in the cloud. Release CE can be paired with powerful managed and professional services to ensure success.  

Along with OpenText Cloud Editions, this release includes a host of innovative features and capabilities:  

  • OpenText Security – Encase Endpoint Investigator and Endpoint Forensics now run full-spectrum investigations on Apple devices running the Apple T2 Security Chip. EnCase Endpoint Security raises the bar for instantaneous endpoint detection and response – adding real-time monitoring for crucial persistence artifacts. For forensic labs, government agencies and corporations, remote access with Tableau TX1 Forensic Imager is further improved with secure 802.1x network connectivity. 
  • OpenText Content Services – With the latest release of Extended ECM for Microsoft Office 365, remote workers can collaborate on business content and store Microsoft Teams documents and chats as records. AI-powered Intelligent Capture automates filing of documents and metadata in an Extended ECM workspace. As part of the ongoing investment in Documentum, support for the SAP Fiori UI has been added to Extended ECM for Documentum.  
  • OpenText Customer Experience Management – Marketers can author, personalize and orchestrate multi-channel communications directly from the browser with Exstreamincluding new collaborative review with visual compare capabilities. Media Management gets advanced home screen personalization and collections sharing, as well as job flow automation. TeamSite™ and Optimost™ introduce streamlined targeting and experimentation for rapid promotion of best performing content and assets. 
  • OpenText AI and Analytics – Magellan BI and Reporting delivers a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) experience for simplified self-service dashboard authoring. This release also introduces emotional analysis in Magellan Text Mining as well as new connector and crawling capabilities. 
  • OpenText Legal Tech – Insight Examiner is a new cloud investigation application that rapidly discovers the unknown facts of an investigation and surfaces relevant documents. Insight adds new Cut Point review feature that rapidly produces data without manual review as part of defensible technology-assisted review (TAR). Axcelerate™ and Magellan are now integrated to support AI-powered text analytics for search and enrichment. 
  • OpenText AppWorks™ – Developers can more quickly and easily automate processes and create applications with simplified security capabilities and new drag and drop UX features. 

New SaaS applications to keep pace with information intensive challenges  

OpenText OT2 20.2 features new purpose-built Core SaaS applications that extend the value of existing OpenText on or off cloud deployments.  

OpenText™ Core for Building Information Modeling is the latest addition to OpenText’s growing roster of next-generation purpose-built SaaS applications. Core for Building Information Modeling reduces operational costs and complexity, while increasing efficiency in building operations by facilitating the efficient capture and verification of incoming data. 

Core applications are easily deployed, provide purpose-built capabilities, continuous updates, and low total cost of ownership. Core SaaS applications include ShareCaptureSignatureExperience Insights, Federated ComplianceSAP Solutions and Capital Projects designed to help business leaders manage processes and improve productivity. 

Build new applications to meet new requirements  

OT2 20.2 delivers new Core services to help developers build customized applications to solve specific information management challenges. This includes an intelligent capture service for automating data extraction and an eSignature service for document preparation, and rapid, secure electronic signing. 

Select partners will be invited to participate in a closed Developer Beta Program with a refreshed developer experience, where partners can access additional OT2 services and APIs. Partners can register interest in the closed Developer Beta Program here.  

Manage supply chain disruption with the new, enhanced Trading Grid  

Today OpenText also announced the new OpenText Trading Grid, the industry’s only unified B2B and A2A integration platform delivered as a managed service. This release combines multi-enterprise integration capabilities with a modern, microservices architecture and industry-leading data visualization from OpenText Alloy™. Powerful data visualization provides real-time insight into supply and demand fluctuations, enabling agile responsiveness. Self-service innovations in Trading Grid, including self-service connectivity in Global Partner Directory, enable customers to rapidly move disrupted supplier orders to available suppliers already connected to Trading Grid. A managed services delivery model ensures customer IT departments can keep pace with new demands without having to change their own workforce model. 

Additionally, the latest release of RightFax 20.2 features a new Epic connector for rich healthcare EMR integration, streamlining information workflows and enhancing productivity for hospitals and nurses.   

More information and availability  

More information about OpenText CE 20.2, OT2 20.2, and Business Network 20.2 is available here.   

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