Dell Introduces Enhanced PC Security For Today’s Remote Workers

It has been reported that there has been a spike in the number of cybercrime incidents linked to the COVID-19 outbreak. Now more than ever, organizations need to protect their remote workers starting with the devices they use to get their jobs done. 

One area attackers will target is the PC BIOS, the core system built deep inside the PC that controls critical operations like booting the PC and ensuring a secure configuration. To protect against BIOS attacks, organizations need built-in security solutions to protect endpoints. In response, Dell Technologies is introducing Dell SafeBIOS Events & Indicators of Attack (IoA) to further protect our commercial PCs, which are already the most secure in the industry. SafeBIOS Events & IoA uses behavior-based threat detection, at the BIOS level, to detect advanced endpoint threats.

Dell has posted a blog post on this that includes a 15 minute video that is very insightful. It is absolutely worth your time to take a look at.

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