Why The iPhone SE Will Dominate The Entry Level & Mid-Range Smartphone Space

Apple has hit a home run with the iPhone SE. Starting at $399 US or $599 CAD, Apple has created a phone that in my opinion will simply dominate the entry level and mid-range smartphone space. Here’s why I feel that way.

My major criticism of the iPhone has always been the price. Up until now, their cheapest phone was still insanely expensive. But the iPhone SE brings you these specs to the table:

  • A13 Bionic processor
  • A 4.7″ retina class LCD display that is similar to the iPhone 11
  • Touch ID
  • Wireless charging
  • IP67 water resistance which means it can be submerged in 1 meter of weather for up to 30 minutes.
  • The rear camera is a 12MP f1.8 shooter with features including Smart HDR for photos, Quick Take filming and Portrait Mode. And it does 4K 60FPS.
  • The front camera is a 7MP front camera that does 1080P for videos.
  • 13 hours of battery life

These are specs that are approaching flagship levels at a price point that will absolutely destroy the Android phones that usually dominate the $400-$700 USD space.

But there’s more.

The iPhone SE will do that because of the brand recognition that the iPhone name has, as well as guaranteed software updates and new OS versions that come as part of being a member of “Team iPhone”. Software updates and new OS versions are something that many Android phones at this price point simply don’t offer, and that leaves owners of those phones open security issues and missing out on new capabilities that new OS upgrades bring. iPhone users however can expect to get software updates and new OS updates for as long as five years.

There’s another thing to consider. In markets like India where the iPhone is simply seen as too expensive, the iPhone SE can act as a trojan horse to get into those markets. Sure it doesn’t quite match the $150 that some ultra low cost iPhones sell for in those markets. But it is way cheaper than any other iPhone and may prove attractive to those in those markets who want one.

When the iPhone SE starts to get into the hands of users, and reviews start to get out there, it will create a buzz that no Android phone can match. And as a result, Apple will have a huge win on their hands. The Huawei’s, Samsung’s, Oppo’s and those who usually occupy this space will be left scrambling to catch up.

If they can.

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