iOS Has A Mail Exploit That Is Unpatched…. Should You Worry?

The news came out last week that a company called ZecOps found a vulnerability in iOS Mail that has no fix and that has likely been exploited in the wild:

The attack’s scope consists of sending a specially crafted email to a victim’s mailbox enabling it to trigger the vulnerability in the context of iOS MobileMail application on iOS 12 or maild on iOS 13. Based on ZecOps Research and Threat Intelligence, we surmise with high confidence that these vulnerabilities – in particular, the remote heap overflow – are widely exploited in the wild in targeted attacks by an advanced threat operator(s).

The suspected targets included:

  • Individuals from a Fortune 500 organization in North America
  • An executive from a carrier in Japan 
  • A VIP from Germany
  • MSSPs from Saudi Arabia and Israel
  • A Journalist in Europe
  • Suspected: An executive from a Swiss enterprise

That’s pretty scary. And Apple served up a response basically saying that there’s nothing to see here:

“We have thoroughly investigated the researcher’s report and, based on the information provided, have concluded these issues do not pose an immediate risk to our users,” the Cupertino, California company said. “The researcher identified three issues in Mail, but alone they are insufficient to bypass iPhone and iPad security protections, and we have found no evidence they were used against customers.”

However security researchers disagree with Apple’s assessment:

The fact that Apple has been unable to independently verify that the bugs were exploited in the wild is not surprising, says Patrick Wardle, a former National Security Agency analyst and Apple security researcher at the firm Jamf.

“It is unlikely that if this vulnerability was used in highly targeted attacks that Apple would find evidence of such attack,” Wardle says. “Either way, it would be helpful for Apple to articulate how they came to this conclusion.”

Even the crudest zero-click attacks leave little trace, which makes tracking them an issue. Security analysts say that in many cases, the very features that make software more secure often make zero-click attacks harder to detect.

The only good news is that iOS 13.4.5 which is in beta at the moment has a fix for this. But the question is, should you be worried?

Yes. You should be worried.

This is a zero day exploit. Now that it is public, any limited usage of this exploit is about to skyrocket as miscreants try to figure out how to leverage this exploit. Thus Apple would be smart to get a fix for this out ASAP to protect their user base. If they don’t, they are basically leaving their user base insecure. And that’s not acceptable. So Apple, please step up to the plate and do what is right for your users.

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