May Apple’s Butterfly Keyboard Rest In Peace

Today marks a significant day in the history of Apple. By announcing the 13″ MacBook Pro this morning, The butterfly keyboard was originally intended to help make Apple’s notebooks thinner. But the design of the keyboard was insanely problematic. A single spec of dust could kill the keyboard. And in some cases I have had clients go through four or five butterfly keyboards in a short amount of time. Clearly they were unreliable. And several redesign attempts by Apple couldn’t address these issues. Plus there were numerous lawsuits filed over this keyboard design and the problems that they caused users. So the combination of those items along with the general bad press likely forced Apple to switch to the tried, tested and reliable scissor switch keyboard which Apple dubs “the magic keyboard.”

So, rest in peace butterfly keyboard. And for those of you who were holding off buying a MacBook because of the butterfly keyboard, and I am one of those people, you now have a MacBook lineup that doesn’t have the that horrible keyboard.

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