#Fail: Belkin Kills The NetCam Line Of Cameras AND The Back End Service That They Run On [UPDATED]

From the “Belkin must really hate its customers” department comes this news from Belkin that as of May 29, 2020, the NetCam line is being discontinued. That’s understandable as Belkin reps in the past have told me that they don’t sell a lot of them. But the real insult to injury comes with the fact that Belkin also decided to kill the back end services that these NetCam cameras need to run on. The net result is that owners of these cameras which are perfectly good now own bricks because the cameras require the back end service to work.

Cue the outrage:

Let’s get to the point. It’s not unusual for a manufacturer to kill off hardware because it doesn’t make sense to support it because of economic or other reasons. But by killing the service that these cameras run on, Belkin has pulled a Sonos by killing perfectly good hardware. On top of that, the only way you’ll get any sort of compensation is if you have an active warranty. I guess that covers them from being sued by the dude who just bought one of these cameras from Amazon. Oh yeah, they also want the camera back. Presumably to get them out of people’s hands so that they don’t end up on the secondary market where an unsuspecting buyer would have just bought a brick.

Now there is a flip side to this. If you buy some sort of IoT gear, there is typically a single point of failure. Which is the back end service. That’s true if you are buying a product that ties into Apple HomeKit or a Google service. If that service gets nuked, your gear is useless. So people who buy this gear need to take that into consideration. And companies who make this gear need to take this into account as well as the blowback from killing these sorts of services will be epic. Just like it is in this case.

The bottom line is this. By shutting down the back end service that run their NetCam products, Belkin has managed to not only anger people who bought their products, but they also managed to create a lot of bad press for themselves. Neither is good. And you can bet that the next time that someone needs some cool high tech gear, Belkin won’t be on the list of contenders.

Consider this is an “own goal” for Belkin.

UPDATE: The death of this service has been pushed back until late June. More details here.

4 Responses to “#Fail: Belkin Kills The NetCam Line Of Cameras AND The Back End Service That They Run On [UPDATED]”

  1. MrFuckYou Says:

    Belkin can fuck off. Fucking Rip Off mother fuckers. may everyone at belkin catch covid-19 and croak , just like my cam will may 29th.
    you fucking fucks!!!!!!

  2. […] am not sure that this will stifle the anger from NetCam that has surrounded this announcement since it appeared a few weeks ago for the following […]

  3. David m Says:

    I have 4 Netcam’s and 7 Wemo devices. I will never ever ever buy another Belkin product. This is not how a company should manage end of life. No one should ever buy BELKIN products again

  4. […] have been reporting for a while now about Belkin’s plans to end of life the back end services that run their NetCam products. By killing the back end services, Belkin in effect have taken perfectly working cameras and made […]

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