BREAKING: Belkin Extends Wemo NetCam Kill Date To June 30

I guess that the public pressure was getting to Belkin as I have been tipped off that an email is hitting inboxes as I type this which states that the date that Belkin plans to EOL the Wemo NetCam and the back end services that they rely on has been moved to June 30th. This is reflected in an updated support document, and this text was in the email that I was sent:

We want to send out this reminder that on June 30, 2020, your Belkin Wemo NetCam will no longer work as the servers will be shutting down. Your camera will still function up to that day, but after that the service will end.  

We don’t want to leave our loyal customers out in the cold. Depending on when you purchased your NetCam you may be eligible for a refund or another offer. Please visit our website at  for more information.

We’ve truly appreciated your support over the years and so, will continue to create best-in-class products that make your life better, easier, and, hopefully, more fulfilling. 

From all of us here at Wemo, thanks and stay safe! 

You’ll note that they aren’t saying that this has been extended. Let me show you the original email that was sent by Belkin:

And here’s today’s email from Belkin:

I am guessing that Belkin was hoping that nobody would notice.

I am not sure that this will stifle the anger from NetCam that has surrounded this announcement since it appeared a few weeks ago for the following reasons:

  • Belkin decided to kill perfectly working cameras that their customers rely upon during a pandemic.
  • This announcement has sent users of these cameras scrambling for alternate camera systems. Which in the middle of a pandemic is a challenge.

Thus I will continue to watch this story, and the reaction to it. Because I am pretty sure that this is far from over.

5 Responses to “BREAKING: Belkin Extends Wemo NetCam Kill Date To June 30”

  1. […] UPDATE: The death of this service has been pushed back until late June. More details here. […]

  2. Any chance of a reprieve?

  3. […] end services, Belkin in effect have taken perfectly working cameras and made them useless. While they did get a bit of a reprieve, the back services finally went dark overnight. Much to the dismay of users like this […]

  4. […] by killing their line of NetCam cameras this past year leaving users with no plan B. They did extend this once, but they killed it once and for all at the end of June. I think that part of the problem […]

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