COVID-19 Survivors Blood On The Dark Web Costs 3 Times More Than Hiring A Hitman: Atlas VPN

Blood of supposedly recovered coronavirus patients on the dark web costs three times more than hiring a hitman, Atlas VPN research reveals. Cybercriminals are selling blood and other fake cures for 16 thousand dollars; meanwhile, you can commission a murder for 5 thousand dollars.

Criminals are claiming the blood as “passive vaccination”. Supposedly, the blood plasma of a recovered COVID-19 patient is harvested for the antibodies and injected into a COVID-19 patient, researchers explain. Also, criminals are selling the blood and saliva of a coronavirus survivor, or even anti-malaria drugs.

In comparison, the New York Times found a list of hitman “services” offered on the dark web. One website offers to murder a person for 5 thousand dollars, which is more than three times cheaper in comparison to coronavirus survival’s blood. 

The full report provides additional information on marketplaces for death and assassination, and analyses the pricing in the organ trade market.

To read the full report, head to:

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