Apple Sued Over “FlexGate”

I am starting to feel like this blog has become the “bash Apple” destination on the Internet as of late. But really, all I am doing is spotting when they screw up and calling them on it in a balanced way.

But I digress.

Some MacBook Pro models released in 2016 and 2017 have experienced issues with uneven backlighting caused by a delicate flex cable that can wear out and break after repeated opening and closing of the display. This has become known as “Flexgate”. And now a class action lawsuit has been filed over “Flexgate”. In short, the lawsuit claims that Apple knew of these defects and shipped dodgy hardware anyway. And when confronted with this they covered it up. Now to be fair, Apple does have a repair program to fix this. But it only applies to 13″ MacBook Pros from 2016. And they fixed the problem in 2018 when that year’s MacBook Pros came out. Thus for everyone else, Apple has basically said it sucks to be you if you have this problem.

The class action lawsuit seeks restitution for all costs attributable to replacing or replacing the affected MacBook Pro units, and calls for Apple to expand its repair program to cover the 15-inch MacBook Pro. The proposed class is defined as all persons within the United States who purchased a 2016 or newer MacBook Pro.

You know, for a company that sees itself as being a premium product, they get sued an awful lot. You have to wonder if the pursuit of profits have come at the cost of building a quality product.

Oh, I’ll insert the standard disclaimer here: None of the claims have been proven in court yet.

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