Germany Says iOS Mail Flaw Is Critical And Recommends The Removal iOS Mail…. Wow!

Things go from bad to worse for Apple.

A reader pointed me towards this statement from Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). It’s in German so I have taken the liberty of translating it for you here. But in short, it is recommending the removal of the iOS Mail app because the security flaws in iOS mail are so serious and no patch is available.


BSI President Arne Schönbohm states the following:

The BSI assesses these vulnerabilities as particularly critical. It enables the attackers to manipulate large parts of the mail communication on the affected devices. Futhermore, there is currently no patch available. This means that thousands of iPhones and iPads are at acute risk from private individuals, companies and government agencies. We are in contact with Apple and have asked the company to find a solution for the security of their products as soon as possible.

This reinforces what I said yesterday, which is that Apple has lost the plot when it comes to security. I say that because when a nation gives this sort of advice, it’s never done for giggles. It’s done because there is a serious threat. One that Apple clearly doesn’t take seriously. And Apple needs to be called out for that.

So Apple, when are you going to put on your big boy pants and release a patch for this issue for your users so that they are fully protected from this patch? A billion iPhone users and at least on nation is waiting for your answer?

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