ServiceNow K20 Continues With Release Of New App Suite To Help Employees Return To The Workplace

ServiceNow continues its Knowledge 2020 Digital Experience with an announcement of ServiceNow Safe Workplace, a four-app suite and dashboard designed to help companies manage the essential steps for returning employees to the workplace and support everyone’s health and safety.

With nearly 80% of Fortune 500 companies using ServiceNow technology, ServiceNow Safe Workplace promises to reach a significant portion of the workforce. ServiceNow is making the apps immediately available today (press release here and hi-res imagery and b-roll here), including:

  • Employee Readiness Surveys: Helps organizations gauge their workforce’s level of preparedness to return to the workplace by presenting and capturing employee responses to a series of questions that address employees’ personal readiness for and level of interest in returning to the workplace. 
  • Employee Health Screening: Enables companies to screen employees before entering the workplace to ensure compliance with entry requirements such as temperature check and PPE allowing employers to determine if it’s safe for the employee to enter the workplace.
  • Workplace Safety Management: Allows facilities and workplace services managers to quickly configure clean and hygienic, socially distanced workspaces so that employees can safely return to the workplace. 
  • Workplace PPE Inventory Management: Helps organizations manage and monitor their PPE inventory needs to ensure the physical safety of their workforce. 

Top Knowledge 2020 Sessions this Week

Below is a quick snapshot of key sessions you may want to tune into.

This Week’s executive sessions:

  • ServiceNow’s CIO Chris Beedi and SVP of Global Technical Support Dean Robison share how digital workflows on the Now Platform delivered over $100M in value by driving digital transformation across its business. 
  • Lara Camia, ServiceNow Chief Strategy Officer, wife, and mom of three, will share how working women can achieve success and inspire others. 
    • Tune in Wednesday, May 20, at 12:15am ET

Customer sessions taking place this week:

  • How USAA moved from Excel to ServiceNow’s Vulnerability Response solution in just 90 days.
  • How Lowe’s is using ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery solution to streamline its outdated manual HR processes.

Check out virtual highlights from Knowledge 2020, Week 2, here, including:

  • How 7-Eleven overhauled its customer experience to offer immediate, multi-channel customer support and redefine “convenience” for the modern world with a new mobile app and delivery offering.
  • How Swiss Re has undergone a decade-long journey with ServiceNow, most recently using ServiceNow to manage a $1 billion-plus operations budget across IT, finance, sourcing, legal, HR and more. 

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