EnGenius Launching New Contact Tracking Features In The EnGenius Cloud platform

EnGenius Technologies Inc., a multinational wireless networking company, known for delivering future-proof Wi-Fi solutions for consumers and businesses, today revealed contact tracking within their Client Timeline feature in the EnGenius Cloud platform.  The new feature will provide the ability to identify surrounding client devices to assist in scenarios such as COVID-19 over Wi-Fi.

The new feature provides network insight into user locations through their devices to help mitigate epidemic scenarios.   This works in understanding ownership of each client device on the network and adding in “alias” markers within EnGenius Cloud.  In using the scenario of COVID-19, this then creates the opportunity to track when and where client devices were within the Client Timeline dashboard to allow the network controller to isolate where the outbreak originated and trace back all devices, and device owners, who were within contact of the infected.  The new Client Timeline feature also allows for easy export of data.   

EnGenius Cloud offers a fully scalable network management solution with many features that provide complete network control and management.  With the license-free platform, companies can easily deploy reliable wireless networks and stay on top of network traffic to isolate suspected client devices and ensure network health.  

With companies, such as Apple and Google, leveraging BLE to aid in tracking contact of COVID-19, the new Client Timeline feature that allows for contact tracking within EnGenius Cloud will allow the similar capabilities over Wi-Fi.

The new contact tracking feature, along with enhanced two-factor authentication (TFA) and alias naming, will go live May 30th.  Learn more about the EnGenius Cloud platform by clicking here.

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