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EnGenius Plans To Deliver More Simplicity And Security To Business Networks With Its First-Ever Cloud Security Gateway

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EnGenius, a leading global manufacturer of networking and voice communications for more than 20 years, will soon release its first brand new security gateway—that crucial first line of defense—bringing faster speed, enhanced security, and greater cloud management any place at any time, all without the complex setup process that plagues other vendor systems.

EnGenius will round out its cloud solution with the new gateway, giving customers the ability to set up quickly and manage their entire network from absolutely anywhere using a central cloud interface or mobile app. The end-to-end solution will also offer core functionalities through a cloud-based network security system that allows customers greater visibility across its line of access points, gigabit PoE switches, and soon a fully operative security gateway.

The EnGenius cloud-managed security gateway, combined with an already powerful cloud management solution, will allow IT professionals to do so much more:

  • Simple setup, control, and monitoring
  • Centralized device visibility and management from anywhere
  • Flexible multi-mode functions to suit different customer needs
  • High-flow rate filtering and inspection services to enhance security
  • Built-in failover, balancing, and safeguards 
  • Touchless system maintenance and updates

It will have plenty of horsepower to handle heavy throughput requirements and will be insanely easy to set up.

Set up. Scan. Plug in. Done.

More details will be revealed later this year.

Review: EnGenius ECS2512FP 8-Port Multi-Gigabit L2+ Managed PoE++ Switch with 4 SFP+ Slots

Posted in Products with tags on May 25, 2022 by itnerd

Let me get this out of the way up front. Unless you are a home user trying to build the best WiFi system using Power over Ethernet, or your a home user setting up the the best security system where your cameras require Power over Ethernet, and on top of those use cases you also need fibre connectivity, then this switch is likely overkill for you. Now if you need a switch to fit any of those use cases, or a use case that I haven’t thought of, then the EnGenius ECS2512FP 8-Port Multi-Gigabit L2+ Managed PoE++ Switch with 4 SFP+ Slots may be the switch that you’re looking for. Let’s walk through the features of this switch:

You get a management port if you want to connect to the switch via SSH. But you can also connect to the switch via a web browser, or using EnGenius Cloud. I would recommend giving the latter a try as I’ve found that it is a great and easy way to manage everything related to EnGenius devices. Not to mention that it makes the setup process trivially easy. Having said that, it’s nice that EnGenius gives you other options to manage the switch as options are good. There’s also status lights as well as a button to alter the behaviour of those lights and another button to reset the switch.

This particular switch has 8 ports capable of up to 2.5 Gbps each. They are highly configurable as well. For example, you can turn off PoE on any individual port, or you can bond two or more ports together to get better performance. From a PoE perspective, you get 240W across all eight ports. 

If you want to cascade a bunch of these switches together for example, you have for SFP+ fibre connections with up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth.

I didn’t take a picture of the back of the switch as there’s not much to see there except two fan outlets and the power connector. But the fans are what I want to talk about for a second. They’re audible. Which might be in an issue in a home or a small office. But a complete non-factor in a server room or a data centre which is likely where this switch belongs. Thus if you decide to use this switch in a home or small office, you may want to take that into consideration.

To test this, I used some EnGenius PoE gear to see if 240 watts is enough to host a few access points over PoE. Specifically I used this and this access point in my test. The bottom line is that the switch didn’t break a sweat. The graph on the switch showed a total of 25W with these two access points. So you would likely run out of ports before you run out of power.

The price depending on your perspective is the only con that I have. It’s $1200 CDN which is high if you’re not used to paying four digit numbers for high quality network switches. Or it’s a bargain if you’re used to buying networking gear from the big vendors out there. But what I would say is this, if you want a high quality switch for PoE devices that comes with lots of headroom, the ECS2512FP 8-Port Multi-Gigabit L2+ Managed PoE++ Switch with 4 SFP+ Slots is absolutely worth looking at.

EnGenius Announces New Wi-Fi 6 Wall-Plate Access Point Features Powerful Multicasting Technology For Hospitality

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EnGenius Technologies Inc., a multinational networking company, known for delivering future-proof networking solutions for enterprises, today announced the release of its new EnGenius cloud managed ECW215 Wi-Fi 6 dual-band 2×2:2 wall-plate access point.

The EnGenius ECW215 is a sleek, low-profile design for easy concealment that uses Wi-Fi 6 technology to deliver best-in-class wireless experiences to more devices like laptops, tablets, smart phones, and IoT sensors in rooms.  The AP also provides a versatile, built-in 2-port gigabit switch to connect and provide power to wired devices like VoIP phones when cabling or power sources are limited.  The license-free cloud interface allows IT pros to “bulk” register and configure access points centrally, provide advanced client authentication for higher security, and minimize truck-rolls with advanced AP diagnostics for remote troubleshooting. 

Clients will also love the innovative ECW215 smartcasting feature that provides smooth, fast setup and streaming on L2 guest networks for media sticks, game consoles, and other devices for an exceptional, personalized entertainment experience. In addition, upcoming features will add the ability to extend captive portal, splash pages, and security (which are all configurable through the SSID interface) to the extra LAN ports to unify the wireless and wired network onboarding process for a seamless user transition.   

The EnGenius ECW215 is one of only a few state-of-the-art Wi-Fi 6 capable wall-plate access points on the market that will provide exceptional wired and wireless connectivity for superior in-room entertainment in hotel guest rooms, student housing, assisted living, senior living, apartment complexes, and classrooms. 

Key Features

  • Dual-band 802.11ax 2×2 supports up-to 1,200 Mbps (5 GHz) & 574 Mbps (2.4 GHz)
  • Sleek, low-profile design for in-room Wi-Fi & wired connectivity
  • 802.3at PoE+ compliant for flexible installation up to 328 feet from a power source
  • On-board 2-port switch offers VLAN support and PoE to power VoIP phones 
  • SmartCasting (like Chromecast and Apple TV) to stream media from mobile devices to TVs for personalized entertainment  
  • SSID settings that can be automatically applied to LAN ports & provide a captive portal, splash page, & security
  • Mesh wireless support simplifies setup, optimizes signals & self-heals
  • Remotely manage, test, configure, and troubleshoot unlimited number of APs with EnGenius Cloud
  • Advanced real-time diagnostic tools to help admins troubleshoot WiFi networks with channel utilization, ping, traceroute and real-time client information
  • AP connectivity diagnostics, Wi-Fi quality testing, and device configurations
  • Quick-Scan Device register, installation, and remote monitoring & troubleshooting
  • Basic EnGenius Cloud management available free, PRO EnGenius Cloud available with affordable license fee

Shipping for the EnGenius cloud managed ECW215 Wi-Fi 6 dual-band 2×2:2 wall-plate access point will begin May 2022.

EnGenius Expands Their Cloud-Managed Multi-Gigabit Switching Solution

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EnGenius Technologies Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of future-proof enterprise networking solutions, today announced the expansion of its switch line to include 24- and 48-port multi-gigabit switches, capable of powering IP cameras, VoIP phones, and access points commonly found in large business environments.

The EnGenius ECS2528FP and ECS2552FP cloud-managed, PoE+ multi-gigabit switches come with large PoE budgets to power devices on every port, simple network configuration for quick installations in big networks, and secure monitoring and management capabilities from anywhere. The switches also leverage features like extended PoE mode to increase reach and maximize device placement, as well as PD lifeguard and continuous PoE power to ensure uptime for surveillance cameras. 

Key Features:

  • Multi-gigabit 24- and 48-port for super-fast speeds
  • 16 GbE / 8 2.5-GbE and 32 GbE / 16 2.5-GbE Ethernet ports 
  • 802.3at compliant with PoE budgets of 410 and 740 watts 
  • 152 and 224 Gbps capacities for enterprise switching 
  • 4 10-gigabit dual-speed SFP+ (fiber) uplink ports for connecting buildings and floors
  • Remote cable testing, ping and Tracert, and MAC table visibility
  • Real-time system metrics, deep-dive analytics, and remote configurations

These new multi-gigabit switches round out the current 8-port multi-gig and 10-gig switch solution so IT professionals can better utilize rack space and offer more flexibility in enterprise networks. EnGenius cloud switches can be simply managed, configured, and troubleshot simultaneously through both the EnGenius Cloud interface and the switch’s local interface. Powerful management and feature-rich switching unite to form the strong backbone of your enterprise network.

The ECS2528FP is going for $999, and the ECS2552FP will be available for $1,599 MSRP. Now is the time to take advantage of this advanced technology. Our enterprise-level, multi-gigabit switches will start shipping worldwide in the Q2 quarter of 2022. For more information on how you can get yours, visit

EnGenius DuraFon Roam Voice System Announced

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EnGenius Technologies Inc. today announced the release of its first roaming capable, long-range, industrial voice cordless phone and two-way radio system, the DuraFon Roam. The Roam was designed for large footprint businesses like assisted living facilities, hotels, schools, retail stores, warehouses, and other expansive environments where voice communication is important but difficult to achieve. DuraFon Roam comes packed with features that makes it a much-needed solution for large business environments.

True Long-Range Performance

The DuraFon Roam combines three core components to master the range equation: low frequency, high signal output power, and high antenna receiver sensitivity. It then adds the ability to make hand-off voice calls between multiple long-range base units throughout a facility.

SIP call connection

The DuraFon Roam utilizes standard SIP protocol allowing voice calls via an IP-PBX or preferred hosted SIP service provider, generally saving businesses money over legacy PRI lines. 

Wi-Fi Bandwidth Avoidance

By using the low frequency of the 900MHz (902~928MHz) bandwidth, the DuraFon Roam avoids direct interference with Wi-Fi bandwidth. In addition, by using 900 MHz for wireless voice communications, the DuraFon Roam doesn’t place additional Wi-Fi bandwidth demand on already crowded Wi-Fi networks shared by laptops, cell phones, security cameras, scanners, and other IoT devices. 

Form Factor

The EnGenius DuraFon product line is known for its durability in demanding environments, and the DuraFon Roam handset continues this high-demand feature. Form factor changes are especially evident with the base units that provide long-range antennas for telephone and two-way radio calls. The DuraFon Roam bases are ceiling or wall mountable allowing them to be easily placed throughout a facility.


Expandable to eight long-range bases and up to ninety handsets, the DuraFon Roam system bases can be powered by AC adapters or power-over-ethernet (POE). They also have a removable antenna that can be changed out for an external indoor or outdoor antenna if needed.

Built-in, Digital Two-Way Radio Function

In addition to being able to make and receive telephone calls, the Roam handsets can function as digital two-way radios offering both broadcast and intercom. The Roam system allows for the two-way radio functions to operate via the base units or even independent of the base units. Even if the network or power to the bases is down, the Roam handsets can provide voice communication between handsets via the built-in direct digital two-way radio function.

The DuraFon Roam will be available March 2022. More information about the product is available on EnGenius’ website

EnGenius Launches First Wi-Fi 6E Access Point For SMB Market 

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EnGenius Technologies Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of future-proof enterprise networking solutions, today announced the release of the very first Wi-Fi 6E access point designed for the SMB market. Featuring the Qualcomm Networking Pro 1210 platform, the ECW336 Wi-Fi 6E indoor ceiling mount tri-band access point has been developed for use in the recently unleashed 6 GHz spectrum. 

The EnGenius Cloud ECW336 access point marks the company’s first venture into 6E territory. Experts predict that as many as 500 million Wi-Fi 6E compatible devices will spill onto the market in the next three years, enjoying massive, pristine Wi-Fi real estate. While the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands offer a total of 560 MHz of spectrum and 27 channels, 6 GHz alone offers 1200 MHz of spectrum and 59 channels.

With its 6E capability, the ECW336 AP easily supports the ever-growing bandwidth demands of densely congested environments such as multi-family units, senior living, student housing, universities, retail, corporate workspaces, resorts, stadiums/arenas, medical centers.

Business professionals and consumers alike will experience breathtaking Wi-Fi connection speeds. Virtually no more lag or buffering. No more endless delays when downloading. The future of lightning fast, unimpeded Wi-Fi is finally here.

Top Features of the ECW336 Access Point:

  • Operates in the 6 GHz band, which offers interference-free signals and paves the way for innovation.
  • Can access 14 additional 80 MHz channels or 7 160 MHz super-wide channels to avoid bottlenecks and reach gigabit Wi-Fi.
  • Includes powerful quad-core processor to boost performance exponentially.
  • Contains three radios (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and now 6 GHz) to support thousands of current and new devices.
  • Features high efficiency Wi-Fi 6 technology to handle a massive number of connections and deliver better communication.
  • Comes with 5 Gbps Ethernet port to easily support gigabit wireless speeds and higher user consumption.
  • Includes new diagnostic tools, spectrum analysis, and real-time channel utilization for greater Wi-Fi performance, enabled by EnGenius Cloud PRO.

The high efficiency of Wi-Fi 6 wireless technology is becoming more prominent in today’s devices, but the true power of these features will now be unleashed in the massive, unexplored 6 GHz realm. Now, users will realize what true gigabit wireless speed really means.

Now is the time to take advantage of this ground-breaking technology. The ECW336 will start shipping worldwide in the first quarter of 2022. For more information on how you can get yours, visit

EnGenius Releases EnGenius Cloud PRO Network Management Platform

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EnGenius Technologies Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of future-proof enterprise networking solutions, today announced the release of its EnGenius Cloud PRO network management platform. EnGenius is allowing end-users to test out free for one year the enhanced and never-seen-before features built to handle massive, high-density, demanding environments. 

But first things first. The basic version of EnGenius Cloud is free and always will be. IT pros and MSPs who are providing already feature-rich Cloud management to their customers can continue to do so free of charge.

And now, the EnGenius PRO version offers a suite of enhanced and brand new features that are perfect for enterprise-level networks with hundreds—even thousands—of devices, requiring an extra level of monitoring and protection. If you want to tap into the enterprise-level market and broaden your services for the big players, EnGenius Cloud PRO is just what you need.

Enhanced Features

The basic version of the EnGenius Cloud management platform offers excellent features for SMBs and many larger businesses. However, the PRO version takes several of these features and cranks them up a notch:

  • EnGenius Cloud Basic allows up to 10 admins/team members, but PRO allows unlimited.
  • Basic produces simple heatmaps for proper placement of access points, but PRO allows you to add obstacles like drywall, wood, doors, and glass windows that may affect coverage.
  • Basic allows up to 100 radius and 100 voucher users, but PRO allows for 10,000.
  • Basic topology view allows you to see all EnGenius devices on the network, but PRO allows you to see third-party devices as well.
  • Basic AP diagnostics tool minimizes truck rolls, but PRO brings spectrum analysis too.

Brand New Features

The crown jewel of the EnGenius Cloud PRO platform is the suite of enterprise-level features that allow an unmatched level of control and visibility over extremely dense business networks.

AirGuard (WIDS/WIPS)  Security APs have dedicated radios that scan the environment non-stop for attacks—evil twins, rogue APs, flood detection, man-in-the-middle attacks, and radio frequency jammers—without degrading network performance at all.

Spectrum Analysis – Wi-Fi spectrum analysis is a professional grade analyzer used to determine the real-time strength of a Wi-Fi signal and what might be interfering with that signal strength.

Client Timeline – To get an intuitive and historical view of client devices, Client Timeline allows admins to easily see how clients associate, authenticate, and roam among access points. It is extremely useful when you need to debug or trace your wireless network.

MyPSK – MyPSK allows you to automatically assign a unique password to each client on a network. You can create up to 500 unique passwords for each network (SSID). If you have more than 500 users, you can create another SSID to handle the next set of users up to 1,000, and so on.

VLAN Pooling – To prevent broadcast traffic from flooding the network, the access point will randomly assign a VLAN (from a pool of user-defined VLANs) to each client device. The user will stay connected to the same VLAN even if they roam within range of other access points.

Customized Network Reports – For tracking the status of your network, you can get network reports customized to your needs. In just a few steps, you can quickly design the cover, select the content, and schedule the report to be delivered automatically to its recipient.

Exposure Analysis – Exposure analysis allows you to minimize risk to your guests and staff by adding alias markers to identify client devices and use contact tracing to help mitigate pandemics and other emergencies.

Try All Advanced Features Free for One Year

All devices will come with a one-year free PRO license. When your year is up, the cost is only MSRP $50 per device each year or $120 per device for three years. 

EnGenius Harnesses Latest Cloud Security Technology To Protect Enterprise Networks From Rogue Devices And Data Threats

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EnGenius Technologies Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of future-proof enterprise networking solutions, today introduced two brand new cloud-managed Wi-Fi 6 security access points, the ECW230S and ECW220S with the EnGenius AirGuard™ system.

As remote network access and a growing number of Bluetooth/IoT devices create more attack surfaces than ever before, enterprise networks are increasingly vulnerable to data breaches and cyber-attacks. In response, EnGenius has expanded its security features to include new Wi-Fi 6 cloud-managed security access points ideal for information-sensitive financial, medical, and distributed enterprise networks.

Unlike other Wi-Fi security solutions that scan outside peak times, the EnGenius Cloud security APs come equipped with EnGenius AirGuard™, an intelligent wireless security system that identifies and neutralizes threats 24/7. Using dedicated scanning radios, AirGuard™ security APs scan the environment non-stop for attacks—evil twins, rogue APs, flood detection, man-in-the-middle attacks, and radio frequency jammers—without degrading network performance at all.

The new security APs also feature professional-grade RF spectrum analysis that visualizes radio frequencies at a glance to ensure all SSIDs are authorized, and the most efficient channels are utilized. Its zero-wait DFS avoids disruption from radar detection and provides an uninterrupted change of channels when needed. In addition to identifying unauthorized devices, the security APs also detect all Bluetooth devices nearby.

Keeping your network secure is challenging. According to recent statistics, phishing is responsible for 90% of enterprise data breaches that are costing billions of dollars in lost revenue and downtime. Rogue devices are often the gateway to such attacks. EnGenius is moving aggressively into the Wi-Fi network security space, offering end users a seamless all-in-one cloud-managed security solution without the need to purchase multiple off-the-shelf solutions to handle costly cyberattacks.

Key Features: 

  • Wireless intrusion detection system (WIDS) – for threat detection
  • Wireless intrusion protection system (WIPS) – for attack remediation
  • Dedicated scanning radios – for 24/7 wireless security monitoring
  • RF spectrum analysis – for identifying clean channels and ensuring all SSIDs are legitimate
  • Wi-Fi 6 technology – for high-performance Wi-Fi in high-density, multi-device environments
  • Zero-wait DFS – to avoid client disruption when radar is detected on DFS channels
  • Bluetooth 5 low energy – for BLE device detection and location-based extended advertising.

“With over twenty years of delivering high-quality networking solutions, we are excited to continue leading the industry by strengthening our industry-acclaimed cloud management system with an integrated high-performance wireless security solution. The ECW230S and ECW220S will be able to identify and prevent Wi-Fi security threats in real time without any performance degradation,” said Andy Chang, global vice president of marketing and sales at EnGenius Technologies. “We are determined to provide our customers with even stronger security tools to counter the constant, increasingly sophisticated attacks on their networks and sensitive enterprise data.”

The ECW230S and ECW220S APs will start shipping worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2021. For more information visit

EnGenius Introduces Innovative Long-Range Phones For Large Homes Or Big Footprint Small Businesses

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EnGenius Technologies Inc. today announced the release of its powerful FreeStyl SIP long-range cordless phone and two-way radio system. 

For small businesses like equipment rental yards, plant nurseries, wedding venues, and others with expansive environments where cellular phone service is poor or not practical and typical cordless phones are not effective, the FreeStyl SIP carry-away phone is ready to go anytime, anywhere.
Key features make the FreeStyl SIP an ideal choice for large homes or small businesses with big footprints that need reliable voice communications.

Extreme Long-Range Performance

FreeStyl SIP implements EnGenius proprietary air protocol, with high RF transmission and sensitivity, providing superior range and coverage for large areas with minimal infrastructure requirements. Coverage is more than sufficient for properties up to 100,000 sq. ft (retail/warehouse), 25,000 sq. ft. (office/hotel), or 10 acres (farm/ranch).

VoIP SIP connection

FreeStyl SIP supports the VoIP SIP interface, allowing users to connect the base station to the internet via an IP-PBX or preferred hosted SIP service provider. 

Wi-Fi Bandwidth Avoidance

Adopting 900MHz (902~928MHz) allows the FreeStyl SIP to avoid competing for Wi-Fi bandwidth. By using 900 MHz for wireless voice communications, the FreeStyl SIP can enjoy clear, open voice communication channels without adding to the Wi-Fi bandwidth demand crowded with laptops, cell phones, security cameras, scanners, and other IoT devices. 

900 MHz Benefits

900MHz (902~928MHz) allows for improved coverage by utilizing a lower unlicensed frequency and FHSS (frequency hopping spread spectrum) technology provides security during conversation.

Multiple Usage

The Freestyl SIP solution can be expanded to 10 handsets and 10 SIP accounts.

Built-in, Independent Two-Way Radio Function
All handsets have built-in digital two-way radio functions including both broadcast and intercom.  The two-way radio functions are independent of the phone base and fully operational even if power to the phone base is down.

Handset Two-Way Intercom

FreeStyl SIP provides direct handset-to-handset communication without going through the phone base station. Intercom connects directly from one handset to another with no push-to-talk turn taking required.

Handset Two-Way Broadcast 

One-way communication, independent of phone base unit is ideal for providing short messages to all handsets or a group of handsets.

The FreeStyl SIP model was developed by EnGenius, the leading manufacturer of long-range industrial voice communications, and shares many of the same top features of models costing two to three times as much. With the FreeStyl SIP, users can enjoy huge savings and clear, long-range communication from virtually any location within the perimeter of a desired property. 
The EnGenius FreeStyl SIP will be available in November 2021.

EnGenius Cloud Launches Facebook Wi-Fi Integration For SMBs

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EnGenius Technologies announced today that it has integrated Facebook Wi-Fi into its EnGenius Cloud Solution. Facebook Wi-Fi helps small and medium-sized businesses provide an easy guest Wi-Fi experience while increasing customer engagement and awareness. From coffee shops to event venues, customers can easily connect to the business’s Wi-Fi, provided by the business’s internet service provider, using their Facebook or Instagram accounts to sign-in, and to engage with the business on social media.

EnGenius is integrating Facebook Wi-Fi on its license-free Cloud networking solution. SMBs can use the EnGenius Cloud To-Go app to install the easy plug-and-play access point and enable the Facebook Wi-Fi feature in minutes. In addition to helping people easily connect to a business’s Wi-Fi, Facebook Wi-Fi helps SMBs increase customer engagement and awareness by giving customers the option to engage with the business on Facebook and Instagram. 

Benefits of Facebook Wi-Fi for SMBs

Seamless Guest Wi-Fi Experience: Facebook Wi-Fi makes it easy for a customer to connect to a business’s Wi-Fi through a captive portal, using their Facebook or Instagram logins. Businesses have the ability to customize the connection length and integrate their Facebook page and Instagram profile for users to engage with. 

Better Customer Engagement: By making it easy for customers to engage with a business’s online presence, whether by checking in on Facebook or following their Instagram profile, Facebook Wi-Fi gives businesses an opportunity to increase their organic social engagement with their customers and their friends. 

Business Insights: Facebook Wi-Fi provides business owners with insight, based on aggregate data, into the total number of check-ins from Facebook Wi-Fi, broken down by new, one-time and returning visitors. 

Download the license-free EnGenius Cloud To-Go app and try Facebook Wi-Fi now. For more information, please visit the EnGenius Cloud website