An Alleged Jailbreak Exists For EVERY iDevice With Any Version Of iOS…… Yikes! [UPDATE: Now Available]

I rarely cover anything having to do with jailbreaking iOS devices as the process of jailbreaking your iDevice can simply make said device insecure. But conversely, I have to admit that there is a rather healthy jailbreaking community who wants to use jailbreaking to free themselves from the “walled garden” that is iOS.

Well, it appears that there might be a jailbreak exploit that exists in the newly released iOS 13.5 that affects every iDevice on the planet. This is different from previous jailbreaks which tend to only be applicable to a subset of iPhones and iPads.

Here’s the Tweet that brought this to light:

Here’s why you should care. Jailbreaks are taking advantage of bugs in iOS that can be exploited by anyone from nation states who want to spy on other nations, companies like GrayShift and Cellebrite who want to crack iPhones for law enforcement, or companies like NSO Group who use exploits like this to create the means for nation states who want to spy on their citizens. Thus this is bad if this is true as this could threaten you in some way shape or form.

Thus if this is true, you can fully expect Apple to come out with an update to iOS 13.5 to close this hole once this jailbreak becomes public. But until that happens, all the usual advice applies. As in don’t download software from unknown sources, don’t click on shady links in emails. Etc.

UPDATE: This jailbreak has now been released:

Not only that, but it’s been updated in the last day or so. You can fully expect Apple to release an update to kill whatever exploit that this relies on this week. After all, Apple likes control and they do anything to make sure that they have control at all times.

2 Responses to “An Alleged Jailbreak Exists For EVERY iDevice With Any Version Of iOS…… Yikes! [UPDATE: Now Available]”

  1. […] Which is good as iOS security is kind of bad at the moment. Though they need to kill one more thing that enables jailbreaking. Expect that to appear at any time as Apple has tended to take a dim view of anything related to […]

  2. […] sounds like the exploit is similar to a jailbreak that was in iOS 13 that I wrote about recently. And we’ve seen this before. Specifically an exploit with iOS 9 which was also discovered by […]

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