Anti-Racism Sites Hit By Wave Of Cyberattacks

The BBC is reporting that a bunch of anti-racism sites that have appeared since the death of George Floyd seem to be under attack from unknown parties. Here’s the details:

Cyber-attacks against anti-racism organizations shot up in the wake of the death of George Floyd, a leading provider of protection services says. Cloudflare, which blocks attacks designed to knock websites offline, says advocacy groups in general saw attacks increase 1,120-fold. Mr Floyd’s death, in police custody, has sparked nationwide civil unrest in the US. Government and military websites also saw a notable increase in attacks. Cloudflare says that after Mr Floyd’s death and the ensuing violent clashes between police and protesters, it saw a noticeable jump in the amount of requests it blocked — an extra 19 billion (17%) from the corresponding weekend the previous month. That equates to an extra 110,000 blocked requests every second, it said. 

The problem was particularly acute for certain types of organizations. One single website belonging to an unnamed advocacy group dealt with 20,000 requests a second. Anti-racism groups which belong to Cloudflare’s free program for at-risk organizations saw a large surge in the past week, from near-zero to more than 120 million blocked requests. Attacks on government and military websites were also up — by 1.8 and 3.8 times respectively.

The doesn’t surprise me as when people demand change, others want to stop that change from happening. My question is who are “they?” I think it’s really important to figure out who these bad actors are as exposing them and dealing with them via the legal system is one step to resolving the long standing issues that led to the creation of these websites.

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