Waze Helps Residents & Visitors Find Their Way Around Oxford County

Oxford County recently announced its partnership with Waze, helping residents and visitors better navigate roads. The county will be sharing county-led construction project and road closure information with Waze as part of the Waze for Cities program, as well as with Municipal 511. 

The Waze for Cities program enables cities to use Waze’s data to inform mobility projects and policies, as well as share their own information about street closures or construction directly with their citizens on a daily basis. More than 1,000 cities and other public sector partners are already working with Waze to gain better data and insights, and to make their communities safer. Canada has approximately 50 partners in the program including the City of Winnipeg, City of Toronto, City of Montreal, 407ETR among other regions, cities, townships, counties, and ministries across the country.

While Oxford County is kicking off the platform use within the community for County-led construction projects and closures, other municipalities have been provided access to the Municipal 511 system and will also adopt the system over the coming months.

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