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Tips to make your drive safer and easier while getting to events this November: Plan your drive with Waze

Posted in Commentary with tags on November 11, 2022 by itnerd

t’s that time of year – when the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins, and special events around the city take over our calendars!

For example, Katharine Harvey’s Light Up Downsview: A Drone Performance this Saturday (Nov 12) is at capacity, so attendees and residents in the area can expect the roads to be busy. The same will be true for other events happening this month including the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (Nov 4 – 13); Santa Claus parades in Ontario throughout November and December; the One of a Kind 2022 Winter Show (Nov 24 – Dec 4); Cavalcade of Lights (Nov 26); and Glow Toronto – Christmas Light Festival & Market (Nov 30 – Dec 31).

Torontonians and visitors from out of town heading to any of these events can plan their routes ahead of time (especially when weather is unpredictable) and get real-time traffic alerts from fellow drivers and riders while en route with community-based navigation app Waze. Here are some tips for navigating to events like these safely while avoiding traffic – making your travel time less stressful and giving you more time for fun: 

Plan your drive ahead of time: Waze can help drivers choose the best route to their destination in advance, based on traffic patterns. It will even remind you when it’s time to leave.

Real-time reports: When using the app, users will see real-time reports of crashes, alternative routes, construction, weather hazards and traffic conditions — to help drivers make the best routing choice

Find parking: Need to find a parking lot near your scheduled drive? Once you’ve planned a drive, simply tap the three dots next to the drive and tap Find parking. This will bring up parking lots on the map close to your destination. Alternatively, after you have started a drive you can tap on the blue down arrow to pull up your drive details and select ‘P’ under “Add a stop.” This will pull up parking lot locations near your final destination as pins on the map, with details and the option to “Park here.”

Gas station feature: Get the most up-to-date gas location and pricing information. The Waze Gas Station feature notifies drivers of nearby gas stations, prompting users to update the price of gas at specific locations so other Waze users can search for the cheapest prices in their area.

Soccer Commentator Voice Available On Waze

Posted in Commentary with tags on November 8, 2022 by itnerd

Soccer (or football) is a global sensation and the most widely viewed sport in the world. For the first time, Waze is giving drivers a way to represent their favourite team and country. 

Available now, drivers using Waze can activate a soccer experience in the app:

* Soccer-inspired voice navigation available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese

* Your car icon on the Waze map can be changed to the Automoball, a car outfitted for the ultimate soccer fans

* Drivers can set a Mood representing their favourite country 

Samples of the on-road commentary experience include: 


Take the first exit! Then it’s onward to glory!

Hazard reported ahead. Getting through that defence could prove tricky.


Nous sommes tous prêts à vous supporter. Ramenez-nous le trophée à la maison !

Bravooooo, vous l’avez fait : Vous avez ramené le trophée à la maison ! On se retrouve demain pour la parade en bus ?

Quel match ! Quel parcours sans faute ! Quel pied ! Merci de nous avoir suivi !

Danger signalé devant. On la joue simple.


El árbitro está a punto de dar el pitazo inicial. Sabemos que este equipo tiende a arrancar a gran velocidad, pero no sabemos cuál será la estrategia de hoy… 

Todo listo. El jugador sale a la cancha con actitud ganadora.

El jugador ha llegado a su destino. Ha sido un partido extraordinario con lo mejor del fútbol. 

Accidente reportado más adelante. El jugador pisa la pelota y avanza con calma.


Pegue a primeira saída

Eita! Acidente reportado à frente.

Vai começar! O melhor do mundo não esquece o cinto.

Receeeba esse destino, véi! Chegou! Graças ao Waze

To activate the soccer experience, tap “My Waze” and “Drive with a commentator.” Users in Brazil can select “Drive with Luva de Pedreiro” and hear navigation directions from the fan-favourite influencer in that country. 

A blog post with details can be found here:

Nissan Canada and Waze partner to Bring Back Glow Guards for a Safer Halloween Season

Posted in Commentary with tags , on October 18, 2022 by itnerd

This October for the third year, Nissan Canada is once again helping to make the road safer for drivers and pedestrians alike with the return of Glow Guards – reflective, self-adhesive stickers that can easily be attached to children’s clothing or Halloween costumes to help make them more visible to drivers. This season, Nissan is also partnering with Waze, the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app, to inform drivers of select trick-or-treating zones on Halloween. The goal will be to help deliver a safety message to users to remind them to drive carefully in these zones. When using the Waze app, a banner will pop up when you’re driving near a select trick-or-treat zone.

According to a 2022 survey conducted by Nissan Canada in partnership with the Canada Safety Council, approximately seven in ten drivers feel that safety feature technologies could help them avoid potential accidents. Some reassuring data and a reminder that these can help drivers be safer on the road, especially ahead of Halloween where families might do several stops for trick-or-treating. Nissan features that add to the Glow Guards and Waze programs to enjoy a safer time include:

  • Blind Spot Warning: This detects vehicles in the blind spot while driving and notifies the driver to their presence. With potentially a lot of traffic for Halloween, this feature can provide an additional warning. 
  • Intelligent Emergency Braking with pedestrian detection: Considering car and pedestrian traffic expected on Halloween, this feature helps monitor the surrounding area in front of the car, helping to avoid or reduce damage caused by collisions.
  • Rear Automatic Braking: While drivers should always check surrounding, this feature helps the driver detect stationary objects when backing up and, if necessary, applies the brakes to help avoid a collision. It cannot prevent all collisions and may not provide warning or braking in all conditions. Drivers should always turn and check the surroundings before driving.[5]

Ahead of the Halloween night, Nissan Canada reminds drivers to be vigilant and aware when they’re behind the wheel.

Nissan first launched Glow Guards in 2019, successfully reaching hundreds of thousands of Canadians through traditional and digital media channels, exhausting Glow Guard supplies at Nissan dealerships across Canada. To help parents and guardians continue to encourage a safe Halloween experience for their trick-or-treaters, Nissan is thrilled to bring back Glow Guards with added features for 2022.

Glow Guards are now available for pick-up at Nissan dealerships across Canada. Families are invited to visit their local dealership to pick-up free Glow Guards until October 31, 2022. 

To find the nearest dealership to you, please visit

Drive with Zombies (or run from them) this spooky season with the help of Waze

Posted in Commentary with tags on October 12, 2022 by itnerd

As October 31 nears, spooky season is upon us. And it’s brought zombies to Waze, the community-based traffic and navigation app.

Starting today, drivers can choose to team up with an expert escapist to avoid the zombies, or take their chances and get to know a member of the undead with a zombie itself. 

Activate your voice navigation to adventure with the Survivalist by your side and learn the best skills for staying away from the slow-moving menaces. You’ll ride with all the gear you need for surprises along the way when you change your vehicle guide to the Escapemobile, and show off your strength to other drivers with the Survivalist Mood.

If you’d rather a Zombie guide your way, select the Zombie voice navigation and find out if the rumor that these monsters think with their brains is really true. Switch to the Zombie Mood to show your allegiance to the misunderstood undead. And to get the full zombified experience, swap out your navigation arrow for the Zombieombile.

Drivers can activate the Zombie experience by visiting Waze or clicking “My Waze” in the app. Tap the “Drive with Zombies” banner to activate. Available globally with voice navigation in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

A blog post on the copilot is available here:

Waze Launches New In-Car Experience With Biz Jargon

Posted in Commentary with tags on September 13, 2022 by itnerd

Today Waze is launching its newest driving experience — Biz Jargon — to help you brush up on your office lingo in time for the return to work. Inspired by offices everywhere (the virtual and the physical!) this driving experience focuses on the relatable moments of work life and pokes fun at the people we become at work — acronym-slinging, jargon-parroting, catchphrase machines. For the first time, Waze is offering this experience in multiple English accents — British English and American English.

You can expect these features from the Biz Jargon driving experience:

  • Voice Options: Access Biz Jargon’s voice by visiting the “Waze voice” option within voice & sound settings for relatable laughs as you hear “Make a U-turn: Or what I call ‘circling back’” or “Sorry, I was on mute, are we waiting for anyone else?”
  • Moods (the icon other drivers see): You can select your business time Mood choosing  between Productive, Unproductive, All Business and Business Casual to fit your drive
  • Car Icon: Transform your car icon arrow to the Paper Airplane by accessing the “Car icon” option within map display settings

The Biz Jargon driving experience will run starting today.

Canadian Traffic Went Up 235% The Week Schools Went Back

Posted in Commentary with tags on September 12, 2022 by itnerd

If it feels like the roads get busier the week schools return after the summer, it might be because there does seem to be an actual spike in traffic.

Data from Waze, the community-based navigation app, shows a 235% increase in traffic in Canada the week of September 5, 2022 compared to the week of August 29, 2022. 

Traffic during the back to school week was also higher this year than last year. Waze found that traffic was 23 per cent higher the week of September 5 last week than the equivalent period last year, the week of September 6, 2021. 

This held true in major population centres, with the exception of Vancouver:

  • Toronto traffic was 27 per cent higher week of 9/5/22 than week of 9/5/21
  • Ottawa traffic was 33 per cent higher week of 9/5/22 than week of 9/5/21
  • Calgary traffic was 25 per cent higher week of 9/5/22 than week of 9/5/22 
  • Vancouver traffic was 12 per cent lower week of 9/5/22 than week of 9/5/21

As kids return to the classroom and parents re-establish drop off and pick up routines, drivers can use Waze to avoid traffic, see their ETAs and be notified of hazards (e.g. construction, potholes, broken traffic lights or weather-related issues). 

Go on an epic adventure with Netflix’s “The Sea Beast”

Posted in Commentary with tags on June 29, 2022 by itnerd

Craving a different type of drive this summer? Go on a high-seas adventure without stepping off land. Activate Waze’s latest driving experience, inspired by Netflix’s newest movie, “The Sea Beast.” (Check out the trailer and the film on Netflix July 8.)

Starting today, you’ll meet the dynamic duo of Maisie, a precocious stowaway, and Blue, a little beast with a huge mischief streak, and revel in the unlikely comedy of their friendship as they help you navigate every turn you take on Waze. And don’t worry: Maisie will help translate Blue’s sounds for you. You’ll also get to know some other Beasts that they find on their journey when you choose between three new Moods: Blue, Red and Yellow. Don’t forget to swap your vehicle for a Lifeboat, to get into the true adventurer’s spirit.

With Sea Beast Mode activated, get ready to explore the world together, on a journey full of surprise, wonder and funny banter — because where the map ends, the adventure begins.

If you’re interested in seeing the magic in real life, Netflix is hosting a series of experiences across the U.S. at aquariums, museums and more to celebrate the launch of The Sea Beast.

For a drive that takes you to the seas, visit Waze or click “My Waze” in your Waze app and tap the “Turn on Sea Beast Mode” banner to activate. It’s available globally, in English, for a limited time.

Waze Welcomes Tour de France To Its Global Event Partner Program

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Waze, the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app, today announced a three-year sponsorship and partnership with the Tour de France and the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift, as the prestigious cycling race returns for its 109th year. The Tour is the latest event to join more than 300 event producers around the world as a Waze Global Event Partner, harnessing the power of Waze to make travelling to and from the race as seamless as possible for fans, while minimizing the impact of traffic for all travellers on the road.

In a first-of-its kind collaboration, Waze is the Tour’s Official Traffic Manager, providing its tools, data and insights to drivers, athletes, fans and more. Ahead of the start line, Waze’s community of volunteer map editors will update the maps with 4,000KM of road closures, the start and finish points, temporary car parks and live traffic speeds, ensuring drivers can navigate event traffic.

Waze will also become an official event sponsor, supporting logistics and branding four safety vehicles and a guest car in the Tour’s famous ‘caravan’: a procession of vehicles that precedes the riders onto the track at each stage, from Copenhagen to Paris and from Paris to the Super Planche des Belles Filles.

Established as a two-way data share, Waze provides partners with real-time, anonymous, Waze-generated incident and slow-down information directly from the source: drivers themselves. The Waze Global Event Partner Program allows partners to utilize Waze tools, data and insights to help alleviate event-day parking and traffic challenges, leading to happier fans.

Download Waze to complete your Tour de France experience: Find out more about the Waze Global Event Partner program:

Drive With Royalty Until June 7: Navigating The Platinum Jubilee With Waze

Posted in Commentary with tags on June 2, 2022 by itnerd

In celebration of the Platinum Jubilee, give your drive the royal treatment with the latest, Queen-inspired experience on Waze. Dignified, unflappable, and of course, British through and through — it’ll turn every ride into a jolly good one. 

Activate the voice navigation and you’ll serve at the young queen’s pleasure, while learning the way to maneuver like a royal. From the “proper” way to pronounce “ma’am” to the secrets of handbag messages, she’ll help make sure your etiquette, and driving, is always on point.

Get in the royal spirit with your Mood of choice — Stern guard, a true Royal, or your dog of choice: Playful, Loyal, or Pampered. Complete your class in royalty with the stylish and classic ride in a Royal Limo. Activate the experience and soon all you’ll be saying is “Toodle pip and away we go!” 

See the full Queen experience or tap “My Waze” in your Waze app and click the Queen banner to activate. It’s available from June 1-7 in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

Apple Music Is Now Available On Waze

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Waze has announced that Apple Music will seamlessly integrate with Waze, so drivers can keep their eyes on the road while enjoying the ride. 

With a direct connection between the apps, drivers can now access Apple Music content directly from the Waze Audio Player and enjoy more than 90 million songs, tens of thousands of curated playlists, Apple Music Radio and more while they navigate.

Waze is thrilled to join forces with Apple Music to bring Apple Music subscribers their tunes while driving with Waze on iPhone. Here’s

Details are also available in this blog post: