iPhone User Offers Up A Siri Shortcut That Records Interactions With Police If You Are Pulled Over

Seeing as police are under scrutiny these days because of their interactions with the public in general, and with the Black community specifically, it is not surprising to me that someone has created a Siri shortcut that records any interaction with police if you say the words “Hey Siri I am being pulled over.” Now this has been around since 2018 and was created by a guy named Robert Petersen. But recent events have brought it back into focus. Here’s the details:

Upon saying “Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over,” any music that may be playing is paused and the screen’s brightness is dimmed while the phone’s “do not disturb” capability is turned on. The phone then automatically sends a message to a contact the user sets up, letting that person know that the user is being stopped by police, along with providing the user’s location. The front camera is then turned on and the phone begins to record video of what is happening. 

“Once you stop the recording it sends a copy of the video to a contact you specify, puts volume and brightness back to where they were, turns off Do Not Disturb, and gives you the option to send to iCloud Drive or Dropbox,” according to a Reddit post by Petersen. 

Here’s where you can get the shortcut.

It requires the Shortcuts app to be installed on your iPhone, which you can get here. Now if you are on Team Android, this won’t work for you. But here’s an option for you:

While Petersen said he hopes the tool will be useful for some, the specific feature is not available for Android users. Apps with similar functions have been developed, including one called “Stop and Frisk Watch,” which is available for both Android and Apple devices and is designed to record incidents by “simply pushing a trigger on the phone’s frame,” according to the developer’s website.

Now I have downloaded this Siri Shortcut and installed it on my iPhone because to be frank, I am a Black male and I have been stopped by the police about 50 times in my life. And of those 50 or so times I’ve been stopped, I have only gotten two tickets in my life. Read into that what you will. And I am hardly unique in that respect as many Black males, and Black females for that matter that I know have similar stories. That is a sad commentary on the times that we live in. So is that fact that functionality like this is required by people just to exist in society.

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