Waze Brand Refresh To Begin Rolling Out To Users

Waze is welcoming drivers back on the roads with a new Moods feature to add more fun into every drive as part of its refreshed brand identity. 

New Moods capture users’ emotions. Waze hopes the update will add “humanness” to the driving experience. The initial set of Moods includes 30 emotions. Drivers in the same situation experience many different emotions. Moods will help capture those feelings, and serve as a reminder of the different types of people we share the road with. 

The new brand identity includes a grid system, which brings to mind the in-between spaces on the map, where streets aren’t. The brand refresh incorporated feedback from members of the Waze community and a study conducted with 13,000 drivers.

For more details, please see this blog post by Jake Shaw:

Under the Hood: Behind the Brand Refresh


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