Apple Rumored To Be Dropping Earphones And Chargers From The Packaging Of The iPhone 12

Rumors have been circulating for a week or so that Apple is about to make some radical changes as to what comes in the box of the iPhone 12. The rumors come from a couple of reliable sources. The first being Ming-Chi Kuo who is a reliable source for this sort of information. The second is a Twitter user that goes by the handle of L0vetodream who is a recent entrant into the Apple rumor game and has an excellent track record in terms of accuracy. His latest tweet is below:

Now Apple dropping the earphones makes sense on a number of fronts. First of all, I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that only a handful of people use the earphones that come from the box. Most users will use their own earphones because they have better sound quality, and/or they are wireless. Thus the supplied earphones that come with iPhones are wasted a lot of the time. Plus if people really wanted them, they could easily buy them as an add on when they get their iPhone. Or they could by AirPods or Beats headphones when they get their iPhone. Regardless, I don’t see this as being a big deal.

Now not including a charger in the box is a big deal. Apple has taken flack for not including a fast charger in the box in the past. This despite the fact that modern iPhones are fast charge capable if you use a Lightning to USB-C cable and a USB-C fast charger. They sort of fixed that when the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max came out by including those items in the box. But I guess that because the iPhone 11 wasn’t a “Pro” device, they left it out of that. Still, there was a charger in the box.

I have to assume that Apple either has a reason related to the environment, or a reason related to cost (as in they want to use this as a vehicle to lower the cost of the iPhone) as to why they would ever consider going this route. In terms of the former, I am guessing that they would argue that people charge wirelessly using third party wireless chargers, or they buy third party fast chargers. So there’s no need for a charger to be put into the box. Now there is some truth in that. But not enough truth in my opinion to omit a charger from the box. The latter reason is simply cynical on Apple’s part if they are actually thinking that.

Here’s why this is a big deal. It is handy to have a wired charger for traveling, or for emergency reasons. Plus with all of us working from home because of the pandemic, it is simply faster to use a wired charger to give your phone a quick jolt of energy before your next conference call. And that doesn’t include first time iPhone users who get a phone and are shocked to find that there’s no charger in the box. Imagine how they would feel and how they would perceive Apple. Thus including one in the box is in my mind something that Apple should do as a matter of course.

Potentially not including a charger in the box of future iPhoens is a step too far for Apple as far as I am concerned. They are a company that will take bold moves like this and try to convince us that it’s for our own good. But this isn’t bold. It’s stupid. And hopefully Apple will reconsider this move before it’s too late.

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