Dell Technologies Rolls Out Payment Flexibility Program

As organizations continue to navigate the changing business landscape impacted by COVID-19, their ability to quickly pivot spending priorities is more essential than ever. There isn’t an option to move away from tech or stop maintaining infrastructure — especially with the extension of remote work, the increasing need for automation and emerging technologies like 5G, AI and machine learning.

Dell Technologies is committed to offering the flexibility businesses need to adapt and thrive through this crisis, to help manage shifting priorities, stay agile, preserve capital and access essential technology.

As companies re-evaluate their IT priorities to drive business forward into the “new normal,” Dell Technologies has rolled out the Payment Flexibility Program for businesses that need to reduce up-front IT costs and free up resources. It is built on the strong foundation of Dell Financial Services (DFS) and Dell’s industry-leading end-to-end IT portfolio, and offers various customizable offers that help businesses manage cash flow.

About the Payment Flexibility Program:

  • 0% interest rates for all Dell Technologies server, storage and networking solutions
  • Ability to defer the first payment up to 180 days on all data center infrastructure and services to help manage cash flow
  • Short term options for remote work and learning with 6 to 12-month terms and refresh options for laptops and desktops
  • One year term to flexible consumption offerings in the Dell Technologies On Demand program
    • You can scale usage of Dell Technologies converged, hyperconverged, hybrid cloud, storage and data protection solutions and only pay for what you use
  • This commitment extends to Dell’s channel and global alliance partners with DFS accessible to thousands of partners
  • The offers under the program are valid through July 31, 2020

In addition, Dell is also making $9B in financing available this year to help fund critical technology and IT infrastructure needs including running the business, taking care of staff and accessing essential technology.

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