Apple Expands Independent Repair Program To Canada And Europe…. And Here’s Why I An Not Impressed With This

Apple today announced two things related to its Independent Repair Provider Program that I have been critical of. I’ll get to my criticisms later. But here’s what they announced:

  • Over 140 providers are part of the program in the US.
  • The program is expanding to Canada and Europe.

So this is good news, right? Well, not exactly. I wrote about the fact that the terms and conditions that Apple puts on these repair providers are pretty unbelievable. Including having customers sign documentation saying that Apple will not warranty repairs made by these repair providers, and that there must be signage visible that says that the repair providers are not authorized. And I have zero reason to believe that has changed. Thus I am not at all impressed by this. While this is news and I should likely write about it, it is something given the facts at hand is hard to take seriously.

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