TELUS Ventures Invests In Zebra Medical Vision

One of Canada’s most active Corporate Venture Capital funds, TELUS Ventures, has entered into a strategic collaboration with Zebra Medical Vision, a deep-learning medical imaging analytics company. The partnership will enable better health outcomes for Canadians. 

Here are some key details about the partnership and about TELUS Ventures:

  • This investment enables Zebra Medical Vision to expand its presence in Canada, bringing new artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to enhance healthcare outcomes for Canadians. Zebra-Med’s technology provides radiologists a fully automated analysis of medical images to quickly identify acute medical findings and chronic diseases.
  • Zebra-Med’s FDA approved population health solution leverages AI to stratify risk, and will help improve quality of life for Canadian patients and reduce the cost of care. Zebra-Med recently joined the battle against the pandemic, using its AI solution for COVID-19 detection and disease progression tracking.   
  • TELUS Ventures is focused on building a strong portfolio to support the growing health technology market, including digital solutions for preventive care and patient self-management. This collaboration underscores TELUS Ventures’ continued dedication to advancing the delivery of new technologies that drive better health outcomes for Canadians. 

More details can be found in the press release which can be found here

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