BREAKING: Several High Profile Twitter Accounts Have Been Hijacked To Tweet Bitcoin Scams

Happening now is the apparent hijacking of numerous high profile Twitter accounts to promote Bitcoin scams including Apple’s Twitter account as well as the Twitter accounts of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, and others. Given the number of high profile accounts that have been breached, the hack may have originated from a Twitter security vulnerability or a security vulnerability of an app that speaks to Twitter like TweetDeck or Hootsuite or something of that sort. But that isn’t clear at present. But here is what is known at present:

It’s not immediately known how the account hacks took place. Security researchers, however, found that the attackers had fully taken over the victims’ accounts, and also changed the email address associated with the account to make it harder for the real user to regain access.

This is serious and it appears that Twitter is investigating and we should have more details soon. But this is likely a good reminder that you need to make sure that your Twitter accounts are secure so that you don’t become a victim of something like this. Twitter itself has some tips on this.

UPDATE: The list of people who have been pwned is growing:

UPDATE #2: Twitter has taken the step of stopping anyone with a verified account from tweeting:

I think this points towards a hack of Twitter at this point. Though I am open to hear alternative explanations for this incident.

UPDATE #3: Most verified Twitter accounts are now once again able to tweet. Twitter is still working on fully fixing the issue:

UPDATE #4: Jack Dorsey who is Twitter’s CEO has commented….. Via Twitter:

This pretty much confirms that Twitter got pwned.

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