Guest Post: ESET Says If You’re Gonna Play, Play Safely

Whether it’s enemy soldiers, monsters lurking in the deep or physical features in the surrounding area, there are dangers lurking everywhere in your video game environment.

Those dangers, at the least, can’t cause you any actual harm besides a bruised ego. But there are other hazards when you are gaming that can attack your gaming system and put both you and your equipment at risk. Video game hackers have been known to steal in-game valuables and sell them to other users for real currency, but more worrisome is theft of personal data that could include a record of your phone use or even financial information. 

In many cases, the hacker’s job is made easy because of gamers who eschew the use of protective software and the way most can slow down your computer’s performance or pester you with pop-ups. 

That is something the founders of ESET — who originally developed their passion for computers as gamers — took to heart when developing the NOD32 Antivirus Gamer Edition. Light and unobtrusive, NOD32 runs in the background and doesn’t disrupt your game with pop-ups. Its features include: 

  • Zero Interruptions — Built to run fast, it doesn’t slow down your machine with pop-ups or down time. 
  • Killer Protection — It safely and effectively blocks ransomware, hackers and all of the latest threats. 
  • Easy to Manage — If you are changing or upgrading your computer, simply transfer the license. 
  • Free Help — When needed, a North American-based support team is available on demand. 
  • Developed by Gamers — They know the concerns and hang ups of other programs. NOD32 was built for speed. Guaranteed. 

ESET’s NOD32 Antivirus Gamer Edition is available in Canada at Best Buy

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