Zoho Touts 15 Million Users On Its Enterprise Collaboration Platform

Zoho Corporation today shared the latest adoption numbers on Zoho Workplace, its enterprise collaboration platform.  In the last quarter, Zoho Workplace has seen a dramatic increase in adoption and now supports 15 million users globally. The company explained this unprecedented growth as a consequence of the pandemic as well as high demand from business users seeking better business application integration. More than 25 percent of new Zoho Workplace customers have made the decision to switch over from G Suite and Microsoft. 

Business users are increasingly seeking a convergence of collaboration, productivity, business, and communications tools as indicated by a recent study by Beagle Research. According to the study, 67.2 percent of respondents across North America felt that their work is chaotic due to non-integrated systems. Zoho Workplace uniquely fills this gap as competitors such as Zoom, Dropbox, and Slack fail to provide a seamless experience from start to finish. In addition, platform-centric competitors such as Microsoft and Google do not easily support contextual work environments where collaboration needs to happen within business applications. 

Zoho Workplace provides a unified platform including email, chat, audio and video conferencing, shared file storage, and online office suite that enhance the productivity of employees, anywhere. It is an online workspace that allows users to intuitively and securely work together, meet, collaborate and accomplish goals in a contextual setting. The platform includes:

  • Zoho Mail: Custom domain-based, secure business email with Calendar,  Tasks, Notes and Bookmarks.
  • Zoho CliqSecure instant messaging with audio and video call capabilities. Zoho Cliq has seen a 225 percent increase in messages sent and 1200 percent increase in calls made per day since March.
  • Zoho MeetingOnline meeting and conferencing application. Zoho Meeting has seen a 772 percent increase in meeting sessions since March.
  • Zoho ShowTimeOnline training and virtual classroom solution.  Usage has increased 1100 percent since March.
  • Zoho ConnectIntranet for organization and organization specific social-media platform for employees.
  • Zoho Office Suite: Online office suite with enhanced co-creating, reviewing and collaboration features. Suite includes Zoho WriterZoho Sheet, and Zoho Show
  • Zoho WorkDrive: Cloud storage for the entire organization with ability to share files securely. Usage has increased 300 percent since March.

Zoho Workplace enables single sign-on across these applications where work streams follow users as they move from screen to screen. This convergence of business, communication, productivity, and collaboration applications allows users to effectively work in context within teams, across their organization or with external stakeholders. Zia and Zia Search boost user productivity as AI and search work across all 9 apps on the platform. Instead of having to extract data across multiple solutions, users can complete projects, from start to finish, all on Zoho. IIFL, Equitas Bank, Lambda Students, India Cements and Don Franklin Auto have chosen Zoho Workplace instead of other solutions because they require tight integration across their enterprise collaboration and business applications.

Zoho Privacy Pledge

Zoho Workplace also ensures a level of confidentiality that no other vendors in this space can guarantee. Zoho does not allow any third-party trackers to monitor usage behavior and never sells any data to ad-based companies. Because Zoho owns, and has built its entire technology stack, the company is able to offer the most secure experience to its 50 million users without any compromise on data privacy. Zoho Workplace users have the assurance that their data is confidential and protected, and only users themselves maintain ownership of that data. 

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