Tech CEOs To Get Grilled By Congress Today…. Here’s How To Watch

Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook are set to be grilled by Congress today. Specifically the Judiciary Committee. The hearing is to find out if tech companies are using their dominant market positions to stifle competition which would be harmful to consumers. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as this is an election year which means that you might see some things might happen for no other reason than to increase the chances of re-election for some politician. If you’re interested in watching the “fun”, here’s a link to watch it live starting at noon ET:

Expect some feedback from yours truly once this is over.

2 Responses to “Tech CEOs To Get Grilled By Congress Today…. Here’s How To Watch”

  1. […] on the App Store. In short, it’s Apple being Apple by being protectionist. And hopefully the same politicians that were quizzing Apple among other tech companies about this sort of behavior see this latest example so that they can take action by doing something that makes it clear that […]

  2. […] iDevice. And they can’t update the game either. Which means that Apple holds all the cards. This caught the attention of Congress not too long ago and has Apple under a microscope at the moment. An example of this is Apple’s rather stupid […]

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